How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android

How to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Android

Want to know how to transfer iphone contacts to android effectively and safely?Please read this guide.

Urgently want to transfer iPhone contacts to Android? Many may think it as a hard and troublesome job, since it is not easy to do that directly, or even unable in some cases. Even Bluetooth is not an available choice. So, most people are forced to add all the info to a new phone manually or shift them by Gmail. However, there is an easier way, not needing any annoying complex steps. But first, you need to download this program Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer can help you transfer contacts in your iPhone to Android. It also supports removing info from one iPhone to another. (iPad included.) Besides, even those in your iCloud, Hotmail, Facebook can be copied only if you download them in iPhone beforehand.

Install and follow the steps below.

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Transfer iPhone Contacts to An Android Phone

Note: Make sure you have iTunes in the computer before the process, or it won't work.

Step 1. Run iPhone to Android Transfer

First and foremost, install the software to PC. Download it and choose a folder to store the program. Select "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Step 2. Connect Your iPhone 6 and Samsung Respectively to Computer

Secondly, connect the phones to the computer by USB. Then your iPhone 6 and Android will be automatically detected. The result is presented similarly in the following picture.

iPhone is on the left side as a source phone, while Samsung is on the other side as a destination phone. Click "Flip" to shift the two place if you want to transfer files from Android to iPhone.

Step 3.Copy Phone Numbers from iPhone to Android

In the center of the picture, you are supposed to select the file types you want to transfer. Tick "Contacts", Tap on "Start Copy", and wait.

At last, click Ok when it is done.

Searching for help to transfer contacts from iPhone to an Android phone? Mobile Transfer can meet your needs. If any query, contact us.

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