How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer?

How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer?

This passage introduces a solution to how to copy music from iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to computer in just few click.

Have you met the situation that loses all the music due to a system reinstallation, Jailbreaking failure, computer repair, iTunes crash, or other unknown factors? Therefore, you need to move your playlists to a new computer for backup before losing data. However, iTunes has many restrictions that not allow you to copy music from iPhone to computer or Mac in a simple way, so if you want to easily transfer music from iPhone to computer, keep reading this article.

Two ways are showed in the following part:

Method 1: How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer via iOS Transfer

Method 2: Use iExplorer to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer

Method 1: How to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer via iOS Transfer

iPhone Music Transfer is a professional tool to transfer files between iPhone, iPad or iPod with PC or Mac. It enables you to backup the music and other media files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to the computer, including Music, iTunes U, Audio books, Podcasts. What is more, this user-friendly iPhone transfer also can fix your music tags, erase duplicate tracks, and backup your entire music library to your computer correctly. If you demand this kind of software, you can follow the steps to learn how to transfer music from iPhone to computer (iPad and iPod serials are also supported)

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1.Install the iPhone Transfer on Your PC

Firstly, you need to launch the iPhone to PC Transfer and connect your iPhone to PC via USB cable. After running the iPhone Transfer, your iPhone will be recognized by the software automatically and you can see a primary interface below.

2. Sync Music from iPhone to Computer

a. Click "Media" at the top of the interface, and you'll see all of the songs on your iPhone in the popped up on the computer. Then select the specific option Music and click "Export to". From the pull-down list, select "Export to PC". Please remember to locate a folder on your computer to save these exported songs and click "Open".

Note: You need to install iTunes on your PC to make sure that iPhone Transfer can work smoothly.

b. Browse and choose the target folder on the computer to export. And click “OK to start the export process.

c. Make sure that the process is complete. And click Open Folder to see the exported files on the computer.

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In short, with the iPhone Transfer, you are entitled to backup and transfer Music in a simple way. Compare with iTunes, it is a functional tool that can achieve files transfer mutually without limitation. Besides, this iPhone Music transfer tool can make a secure transfer of music or other media files, so you can easily to operate it to solve your problem. If you post questions like “how do I transfer music from iPhone to computer” to ask help, you can refer above steps for transferring files from iPhone to PC without iTunes.

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Method 2: Use iExplorer to Transfer Music from iPhone to Computer:

(iPad to PC is also available)

If you don't have iExplorer installed, you will need to go and download one.

1. Open iExplorer, and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod with its USB cable to your computer.

When you are asked to sync your device by iTunes, click "No" or "Cancel." Don’t sync your device to iTunes unless all your music are transferred to iTunes, or you may have a risk of losing data from your device.

2. On Overview screen, click “Music” in the middle or choose Media Library in the left sidebar.

3. If the media has loaded, choose:

AUTO TRANSFER: Click the Auto Transfer Button > Auto-Recover All Items to iTunes > Start Auto Transfer.

SELECTED TRACKS: Select any items you want in the main window and use the Transfer from Device menu.

DRAG and DROP: Select any tracks in the main window and then drag and drop them to your computer.

Tips: hold Control (PC) or Command (Mac) to select more than one.

Once you finished selecting you music, click the “Transfer from Device button” at the bottom of the Media Library panel. And click on “Export Selected to iTunes”. No need to choose a folder; iExplorer does it all for you automatically.

5. If you want to transfer a playlist to iTunes? Clicking on its name in the sidebar on the left to select the playlist. Then, click the “Transfer from Device button”. And choose “Export Selected Playlist to iTunes”. The entire playlist will be transferred, and will be available in your iTunes Library.

Now cheers for you have known how to move music from iPhone to computer.

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