How to Use Microsofts Word Flow Keyboard?

How to Use Microsofts Word Flow Keyboard?

The article will tell you how to use the Microsoft's Word Flow

Microsoft’s Word Flow released with its wonderful features. It is a keyboard which will make your typing become easier and convenient. This keyboard is praised by many people. If you haven’t installed it on your iOS system, follow this installation article to have one. If you have installed it on your iPhone, then let’s see how to use it.


Firstly, you need to download this app. On your iPhone, go to “Setting”, find the “General” and tap it, and Scroll down to see the “Add New Keyboard”, then click the appeared “Word Flow”. The download can be finished by above steps.

(2)Tapping on Word Flow

After the download, please tap on it for reading your contact list. Next time when you want to send the text to someone, it will help you to find the person easily. Be brave to do it, you contact data won’t be lost by this act. What’s more, iphone recovery also will help you to recovery the contact data once it lost.

(3)Make Default Keyboard

Making Word Flow keyboard as your default keyboard will let you use it directly when you start to type next time. You should go to the Setting on your phone, and then find the “Edit” and tap it. Three lines will appear to each keyboard, then just touch and drag Word Flow’s three lines to the top of the keyboard list. Then what you should do is to make Word Flow default keyboard.

(4)Customize Your Favorite Theme

If you don’t want the boring background and want to personalize it. Turn to “Word Flow     Theme” >Choose your best like photo in photos library or the default theme>tap “Apply”. You can also tap the gray tear drop shop to customize your own theme.

(5)Shift to the Arc Mode

It is very useful to shift to the arc mode when typing by using one hand. Just find the arc icon on the right or left to the top of the keyboard. If you use left hand to type, just tap the left icon. This the same to right hand. Then you will get an arc mode keyboard to type.