How to Use Apple iOS 10 Lock Screen?

How to Use Apple iOS 10 Lock Screen?

Have you update your iPhone to iOS10? We will tell you the changes and use of new lock screen in iOS10.

It is said that Apple iOS10 is the biggest and boldest changes of Apply system. Have you updated your iPhone to iOS10? If so, you will see its new features. Before seeing all its awesome features, you need to unlock the screen first. So, I will show you some changes and usage of iOS 10’s lock screen.

1.Raise to Wake

In iOS10, Raise to Wake is a simple and convenient new feature. Your iOS10 iPhone screen automatically turns on by just picking up it. It allows you to view your notifications and app quicker.

2.Press Home to Unlock

Apple has given up its 'slide-to-unlock' option in iOS10. If you want to unlock your screen, you need to press the home button and enter a passcode. You can also use Touch ID to get in. Although this new feature may be annoying for some users who get used to sliding, it will have additional security for protecting your devices’ data. Here, I’d like to say that you can also use iPhone Data Software to recovery your data.


Here’s the way for adding widgets to Today view.

1)Find the widgets.

In iOS10, you can apply the 3D touch onto the home screen to get the widgets, swipe right on the Lock screen, swipe left most screen on the Home screen or swipe down to bring the Notification Center and then swipe.

2)Add Widget

If you handle an iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, I’d like to show you the fast way for adding the Today view. 3D Touch the apps’ icon to bring up Quick Actions>find the compact version of widget, Tap "Add widget" text in the top right corner. Then you will successfully add the widgets.
If you don’t have a device with 3D touch, what to do? Don’t worry, you can add a widget from Today section. Go to Today view>swipe to the bottom of the screen>click the “Edit” button.

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