How to Use Apple iOS 10 New Music App?

How to Use Apple iOS 10 New Music App?

If you have already updated your iPhone to iOS10, here are the tips for you to use its new Music App.

iOS10 is released with its wonderful new features, including the iOS10 music app. With the new design, everything of music app is bigger, clearer than before. The font and the album art is larger with plenty of white space in between. Also the library tap will help you browse your own music easily. It is more convenient to search songs with Search tap. Let’s see how to use the new features in new music app.

1.Download Your Favorite Music

If you find your fond songs or albums and want to download them, you need to add them to your library firstly. Just tap the”+” button on the right next to the songs or album. After tapping, you will see the “+” button turns to the “Download” one. Then click it and the download progress starts. If a song or an album is done, you will see the sign of “Downloaded” on the right.

2.Look at Downloaded songs

Tap the Library on your iPhone>find out the 4 new sections on top>click the last one-Downloaded Music. With these operations, you will see the downloaded songs which classified recently added.

3. Search for Songs

Tap “Search” button on the last and it will begin to search automatically. Or you can use iOS10’s feature Siri to help you for playing a song. It is much more convenient for us.

4. Turn On Automatic Downloads

Automatic Downloads will help you download the song, album etc. which you have added to your library. You can go to “Settings” -> “Music” and turn on “Automatic Downloads“.

5. Lyrics!

Sometimes you don’t know what the song is singing and want to see the lyrics. Here, iOS10’s music app supports lyrics. You just need to swipe up on the now playing screen to see.

6.New Playlists in iOS10

“My New Music Mix” and “My Favorites Mix” are two new playlists which come from Siri’s new intelligent brain in Music App. You can click the “For You” section to find them.
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