How to Use Apple Watch to Make A Screenshot?

How to Use Apple Watch to Make A Screenshot?

If you don't know how to make a screenshot in apple watch, here is a tutorial for you.

Recently, expect for the new iPhone 7, the apple watch series 2 also arouse the people’s attention. With a dual core of the processor, it also has the waterproof chips with GPS. And its brightness of the screen is brighter than the series 1, which can still see clearly the surface of information outdoors or under the sun. These features are gradually coming out with Apple Watch.

However, the apple watch still has many unexpected features, when we get the latest Apple Watch, how to make a screenshot? In fact, it’s very simple for us, but after the upgrade of WatchOS3, you also need to set to be able to open the screenshot function.

Step 1. First, you need to update your system to Watch OS3.

How to update to Watch OS3?

Step 2. Click “my watch” ,”General” then open the “Enabled screenshots”.

In the latest Watch OS3, Apple Inc order to prevent the users from inadvertently shot, this feature is deliberately closed to iOS in the Apple Watch App.

Step 3. After finishing the last two steps, you can make a screenshot through the crown and side buttons.

Step 4. After the shots, the picture will be directly credited to your iOS device via Bluetooth album.

If you want to set the photos quality additionally, please click "my watch"> "Photo"> "Photo Caps", and then you can set photos can be stored 25. Also in the "Sync album," you may choose the Apple Watch Gallery store locations.

During the connection with the iPhone, Apple Watch will create a local backup storage space among the former, the purpose for later iphone data recovery.

In addition, normally we will back up our pictures which we already saved to iTunes or iCloud, but if you delete the picture unintentionally, you can find them through iTunes or iCloud. And for the items you didn’t back up, you can recover the picture through some iphone photo recovery software.

It is a very useful feature for us, and the operation is also very simple. If you didn’t discover this small features.