How to use Safari for iPhone: 8 tips for your reference

How to use Safari for iPhone: 8 tips for your reference

How to use the Safari browsing on iPhone

As a browser in iOS system, Safari becomes more powerful after years of development but also has many hidden functions you don’t know. If you can be familiar with these hidden tips, your operational efficiency will be greatly improved when using the Safari browser web page.

1.No need to directly open! Use 3D Touch to preview the page!

For the iPhone 6s’s users, 3D Touch brings a simple experience, that is the page preview function. Gently press the link and you can open a Web page preview, on the contrary, it is a full-screen preview, and then later let go, it will close the preview. Besides, these actions will not affect the current web browsing process.

2. Incognito browsing mode.

If you browse the web browsing in incognito mode, it will not leave your browsing history, and the web pages will work in a multi-interface conversion into hiding, so no one can peek it. Besides, if you want to achieve this effect, you need to leave the browser and then convert other apps. On the other hand, it can save your data more preferably, but if you lost your data accidentally, you can also recover them through iTunes, iCloud or other iphone recovery software.

3.Turns the background into black.

Open the reading mode, then press the address bar to the right of the double A key to set the size of the text, also a black background, so you can see pages more comfortable.

4.Turns the mobile versions into computer versions.

If the mobile versions cannot meet the user’s requirements, click the middle share button and pull the Share Listing to the lowest row, until the "Switch to desktop site" to press down, then the browsing pages will into the desktop version.

5. Save the Web pages to PDF to iBook!

If you do not have time to read some articles, in addition to the Bookmark, in fact, you can put the pages into PDF files into the iBooks app. Open share options, drag the icon to the middle line of color "to store the PDF to iBooks," then press it down, so the page will be saved as a PDF file and placed into iBooks.

6. More convenient buttons to log in and search!

Among the new tab, if affix any word, the Safari will show "Paste and Search" and quick search the keyword. In the same way, you can also copy the Safari URL in real until popup the "Paste and go", the website can be posted up more quickly to access the site.

7. Touch ID protection!

Set the password to open the password database, you need to use Touch ID fingerprint authentication, then authentication can search for saved passwords.

8. Close the remote iCloud tabs.

If the Safari on your iPad or Mac computers is opening, then on the iPhone you can click the bottom right corner multi-tag buttons, slide to the bottom of the page to view these iCloud tabs. And now (perhaps to privacy) you can directly on the device remotely close these tabs.

Safari not only is faster but also excellent energy efficiency. Get it and your operational efficiency will be greatly improved.