How to Use Siri to Find Files on Your Mac Quickly?

How to Use Siri to Find Files on Your Mac Quickly?

As we all know, Siri is a tool for accessing services. But do you know its other function? Today, we are going to show you a tip about how to search and find the file you need on your Mac quickly.


Siri is a tool for access to services, but it cannot help us to manage Apple devices well (Siri tips). However, it has been improved in MacOS Sierra, we can use Siri to help us find files on Mac devices easily.

Today, Apple New MacBook Pro is released. Except for the slimmer body, the new MacBook Pro also join the OLED touch bar, Touch ID, the butterfly structure of the keyboard, ladder-shaped battery design and other new technologies, and it also uses USB-C interface.

Therefore, we can popularize some small knowledge first about how to use this feature, the following are the specific steps.

Step1. Access to the Siri.

Press Command + Space to launch the Siri Virtual Assistant on the Dock, or click the Siri icon in the top right corner of the menu.

Step2. Search files on Siri.

Let Siri start searching for files that we have been viewed at a time, such as last week, last month, or last year. Then, Siri will show us a list of search results.

Step3. Further refine the search results.

Identifying the types of files to meet certain criteria or include specific keywords via Siri. If you know exactly what you need to find, you can skip the step that search "point in time", directly into the keyword search.

Step4. Search photos on Mac.

It also allows you to search for pictures on your Mac, Siri can open the photo app and search for the same way, such as adding a specific point in time or a precise location. Besides, if you want to transfer photos from iPhone to your computer rapidly, iPhone transfer will be an excellent assistant for you.

On the other hand, once you have some problems when using Siri to search or manage your files on Mac, for example, the computer crashed suddenly and results in some data loss. Here is a solution for you to recover your lost data - iOS data recovery Mac.

Do you think this method is very convenient? Get up quickly!