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How to use the iTunes 12? The new iTunes12 Tutorial

How to use the iTunes 12? The new iTunes12 Tutorial

This article mainly introduces some new content and tutorial for iTunes12

iTunes is the only official iOS device management application by/of Apple. Apple's latest iTunes12 uses the flat design, and the appearance of the software interface has changed a lot. After upgrading to iTunes12 version, there are lots of changes on the screen, and some users will feel very strange when operating it. So follow me to have a look and know more about iTunes12.

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1. Switching between repository types.

It has also been a feature of iTunes.
The iTunes12 repository is divided into music, movies, TV shows, podcast, iTunes U, audiobooks, applications, ring tones, Internet radio and other categories. Also, if you have a CD into the CD-ROM drive, or have an iOS device or iPod connected to your iTunes, it will also appear here.

2. Playback control.

3. Volume control and Airplay.

4. The album cover (mini-player)

In the non-full screen mode, click here to cover iTunes and then it will switch to the mini player


This feature was introduced by iTunes11, it lets you listen to the next song you want at any time, without waiting for a song to put over manual switching, and eliminate the trouble to create a temporary playlist.

6. The tag under the library.

We have a series of labels under each category, each of which has its this option- iTunes Store.
In fact, until iTunes11, iTunes Store still works as an independent library option in the iTunes, but iTunes12 seems inclined to put this feature into the entire library.
Besides, iTunes can manage the song list also can store the data well. But when you need to transfer a lot of songs through your phone to another phone, it will be more complicated. So you can try to transfer iphone to iphone.

7. Search box.

It can help you quickly find the song you want to listen.

8.iTunes Store account.

In the iTunes Store interface display, you can view your wish-list, purchased items, account information, and gift cards redeemed. By the way, if you forget the account password and you need your backup files urgently, not only you can reset Password to recover your Apple ID to find out them but also can find them through Iphone Recovery Software.

Have you got it? If you meet this problem when using iTunes next time, you can solve them quickly!