How to Use the New Features in iOS 10 Mail App

How to Use the New Features in iOS 10 Mail App

Apple updates the Mail app in iOS10, you can use filter icon to filter the Email you want and use unsubscribe function to cancel the junk Email, also you can thread the Email.

There are many wonderful changes in Apple’s iOS10 system. Such as Messages app, Music app etc. Most of them got big changes. Photo app got the new design and new Memories. But for Mail app in iOS10, although there is no big and major change, the few changes also need us to notice and use it. Now, let’s learn how to use the changes in Mail app and use it better in our daily life.

1.Filtering inboxes

Apple updates the Mail app with the filter icon on the bottom of the screen. This icon looks like a circle with three horizontal lines. It will help you to filter your Unread, addressed, Flagged etc. in your inboxes. It can also filter your attachment Emails among your VIP list.
Here’s the way. Launch your Mail app on your iPhone’s Home Screen>Choose and tap an inbox>Scroll down the screen to the bottom and tap the Filter button>then tap the Filtered by>Choose the category you need to filter>Tap done

2.Stop the Junk Mail

Mail app is also added with the unsubscribe function which will enable you to unsubscribe to mailing lists you already have. It will release you from scrolling down to the bottom of the Email and finding the link to unsubscribe. With the update of Mail app in iOS10, you just need to launch the Mail app>Select the Email that you don’t want anymore>tap the Unsubscribe until the prompted is confirmed.
During this time, if you mistakenly delete your important Email, you can get the help of iPhone Data Recovery, which will help you to get the data back.

3.Thread organize the Email

In iOS10 Mail app, you can organize threads your difference mailbox Email. Next time your friends talk about a football game in an Email thread which you don’t want at that time, you can turn to somewhere else and it won’t disturb you.
Head to the Mail app>choose the Email thread>tap the More after swiping to the left>find and click the Show Related Messages>go to Edit> choose the email or emails you want> tap Mark, and select the options of Unread, Junk or Cancel>tap move to move the Email>tap Trash.

There are others setting about Threads Email, you can read our articles to get more.