iMessage App Store- A Novel Experience In The Message

iMessage App Store- A Novel Experience In The Message

Learn what you can do in this app store on your iPhone while using the new iMessage app store in iOS 10 system.

iOS10 system has been launched for some days, I believe many people have upgraded to the system. For the reform of iMessage, do you understand it? In addition to sending message effect, the new iMessage App Store is also an unexplored freshness.

Apple launched the fifth application store - iMessage App Store, which is following the App Store, Mac App Store, Apple Watch App Store and Apple TV App Store. The iMessage App Store is built into the messaging application that comes with the system to provide users with facial stickers, games and other applications. Those changes greatly enrich the experience of users to use iMessage.

Part 1. iMessage App Stick

Part 2. iMessage App Game

Part 1. iMessage App Stick

As introduced at the Apple conference, Super Mario Run first surfed the iMessage App Store, in the form of facial stickers package for free download. So let us see together how to use iMessage stick easily.

Step 1. Download stick to iMessages.

Step 2. After download, we can search and switch stick through two-way.

The picture on the left shows stickers that can be switched by sliding left and right, similar to Apple Watch's Glance, while the right one shows the grid pack showing the stickers and selecting the appropriate stickers.

Step 3. Send stick.

When the sticker is selected, we can choose to send a separate sticker, or you can choose to drag the sticker to the previously sent or received message.

At present, iMessage App Store has shelved a number of beautifully interesting stickers package, angry birds, Star Wars, Mind Mission team, Mickey Mouse, Finding Nemo, etc. Some of them are available for free download, and others are paid to download.

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Part 2. iMessage App Game

Except for the stickers, you can also play the game in the iMessage with friends. Once you have downloaded the game in the same way as the sticker, you can fight with your friends in iMessage.

TicTacToe: Play chess with your friends.

Puzzly: Play puzzles with your friends

WordGuess: play words guess with your friends.

With the arrival of iOS 10, there will be more App landing iMessage App Stores. The big update with iOS 10 is undoubtedly effective, which make iMessage app get the attention of the world again. Coupled with the exit iMessage app, iMessage will become more powerful and closer to life.