In iOS 10: How to Use New Feature Photos App

In iOS 10: How to Use New Feature Photos App

This article will show you about the features and use of Photos app in iOS10

After introducing the use of the new Home app and Music app in iOS10. Let’s turn to another new feature in iOS10, the new Photos app. It is smarter than ever, which improved with more functions like searching, memories, face recognition and new Albums. We will see them one by one.

1.Searching for the specific items

When using the new photos app in iOS10, you can search for the people, place, and objects inside your photos. You can also search the random things like Monkey, Coffee, Glassed etc. Then the category pages about the object you have tapped will pop up.


With the new Memories feature, Photos app can create “memories” automatically. It will create the “memories” according to difference contexts. Such as, what you have done on the weekend, or stay at a beautiful park.

With this feature, you can have a memory created on summer vacation for your friends or family. You can also check “ On This Day” to see what happened several month ago.

3.Face Recognition

The new Photos app has the function of face recognizes. But you won’t find the names of them. If you want to add the name or their association, follow these steps, tap on Faces>click on one face to view all their photos>tap the top of “Add name” section>edit the name for the face.

You also can sign your best like faces by this way, next time if you want to see your lover or your friends’ photos, just turn to the Faces album and click on their avatar. Is that easy?

By the way, if you lost your photos by error operating, don’t worry, use the iphone photo recovery software will to help you recover the photos.

4.New Albums

If you open your Albums tab first in your Photos app, the new tile view displaying thumbnails for each album appears. What’s more, you will see you get People album and Places album both.
Each item is sorted by faces or location information in the album correspondingly. Unlock    the People album will allow you to do many cool things.

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