In iOS 10: how to use easy way to unlock the screen

In iOS 10: how to use easy way to unlock the screen

Feel trouble with the feature of pressing the home button to unlock your iPhone in iOS10? Here’s the way for you to get back the slide to unlock.

Many people update their iPhone to iOS10 system because of its new exciting features. Most of them are happy with the features of iOS10. But it is not easy for them to get used to the unlock way. They always pick up their iPhone and tend to use the slide to unlock gestures, which is replaced by pressing the button in iOS10.

If you want to use the slide way back to unlock iPhone screen, here’s the steps for you to follow.
You should check if your device meets the condition. That is, your iOS device must have Touch ID-enabled feature. Including iPhone 5S, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad Mini 3 or other later devices.

How to set slide to unlock in iOS10?

Step1, press home button to unlock you phone first, and go to Setting, scroll down the page and find the General, click it.
Step2, after clicking the General, find the Accessibility and tap.
Step3, Go to Home Button and find the Rest Finger to Open on this page, then turn on it by tapping the toggle switch.

Now you can use the slide to unlock gesture back when need to unlock the phone. Your finger can be rested by this method.

Raise to Wake in iOS10

Here’s another features in iOS10 which will help you wake the screen when you pick up it. You can have a a fast glance at the receipt notification without any action but raising it. Normally, this feature comes with the iOS10. But if didn’t exist yet, here’s the way for you.

Step1. Go to the Setting
Step2. Find the Display & Brightness on the Setting page, and tap it.
Step3. On the page of Display & Brightness, find Raise to Wake switch ans turn it on.

That’s it. Now you your iPhone has the function of Raise to Wake. Try it and make your have a better experience when using your iPhone.
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