iPhone 7s Wireless Headphones: The Automatic AirPods

iPhone 7s Wireless Headphones: The Automatic AirPods

What are the changes for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus headphone?

Apple is moving on.

As part of the iPhone 7 events, Apple has announced that the iPhone 7will no longer have the headphone jack, so we will see the headphone adapter for lightning or the wireless headphone-AirPods.

Wireless headphones. Finally untangled.

Lightning headphones.

From the Apple conference, we can know that the iPhone 7 just has the lightning headphone jack now.

In the aspect of audio, iPhone 7 also has changed. The most outstanding one is the speaker, at the top and bottom of the two speakers, which has the stereophonic sound effect and the larger voice.

Secondly, there will be a brand new headphone. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will control the earphone through lightning, so Apple will provide the lightning headphone for it, also the lightning adapter. It means that you can use it to charge, listen to music or transfer files to iphone.

Wireless headphone.

As a key point of this conference, Apple released a new wireless headset-AirPods.

1.Clearly superior sound.

It has a new AppleW1 chips to ensure the continuity of the wireless connection. The wireless headset will automatically start playing when you put it in your ears, and the headphone also support for noise reduction.

2.Tap into Siri.

Double-clicking on the headphones, you can use the Siri, and talk with Siri by a gesture.

3.The power of 24 hour battery life.

Charging one time can support 5-hours of talk time and 24-hours of playback battery life.

4. Automatic setup. Seamless switching.

The earphone can support the connecting management of multiple equipment.

By the way, the new headphone for Beats also adapts the W1 chips.

Wireless. Effortless. Magical. Airpods will be available in October.