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iTunes Bugs? The Music Files Are Deleted Without Reason in Apple Music.

iTunes Bugs? The Music Files Are Deleted Without Reason in Apple Music.

Have you lost your music files after synchronizing the content to the iTunes? Many people have met this situation so I am going to show you the reason why the apple music files are deleted and how you

Have you ever met this situation? After registering Apple music and synchronizing personal music content, Apple Music unexpectedly removed up to 122GB of your local music files. So, Does the Apple Music delete the user's music library? - Know more important features.

According to an Apple music user-James Pinkstone, he said that iTunes first determine his collection of Mp3 and WAV files, scan the Apple database, after matching put his hard drive to delete the original file. To make matters worse, the Apple retail store employees told him that some of these are normal. (Apple Music (@AppleMusic) | Twitter)

But for this situation, some people think that it may be inadvertently in the case and select some of the options that led to his original file is deleted. And others think that is due to a bug in the iTunes.

"If the user does not see their music files in the music library, they should quit iTunes.” This prompt appears in the latest version of iTunes. So, users will mistakenly think Apple Music delete his local files and the file has been uploaded to iCloud. – How to use the iTunes of the latest version.

As far as I am concerned, it may be a data error while updating. But if you do not pay attention iCloud Music Library how to copy songs, then you are likely to save space to delete the local file. What’s more, you will think that you can recover the music file later, but this was not the case.

Besides, if you are a musician, or if you are in a hurry to find these missing files, you may try using The Phone Recovery Expert to retrieve your lost music files.

Therefore, we must prepare ourselves for both eventualities. Not only backup or store up the music file on iTunes but also copy them in another place - ios transfer, so you don't have to worry about your music files were deleted or lost accidentally.