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The Real Fix for iPhone Won’t Backup to Computer or iTunes?

The Real Fix for iPhone Won’t Backup to Computer or iTunes?

Looking for ways to fix iTunes could not backup the iPhone? Here, keep reading this quick guide you will find the right solutions to fix this problem.

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With all its amazing features and apps along, iTunes is a great app which gives us convenience to store our information securely on our PC’s. In fact, Apple provides us two ways to backup data - with the iTunes program or the iCloud.

However, there are always unpredictable issues happening when you backup your iPhone, like iPhone won't backup to iTunes. In this case, how can you do to fix this problem that iPhone won't backup to iTunes or Computer?

It doesn't matter, in this guide, we would like to show you some reliable ways to fix iPhone won't backup to iTunes issue. Besides, we also provide you an alternative option to back up your iPhone.

Method 1. Try a Different USB Port

Try plugging the lightning cable into a different USB port. Then try to back up your iPhone again.

Method 2. Restart Your iPhone or Computer

1. Restart Your iPhone

To fix the issues that iPhone won't backup to computer, please press and hold the power and the sleep/wake button, then you see the slide on the screen saying slide to power off then release the buttons and give it a swipe.

2. Restart Your Computer

Go to the Start menu, choose Power, and then Shut Down. Then turn your iPhone and computer back on, plug your iPhone in again and try to backup your device.

Method 3. Check for Software Updates Available

Part 1. How Do I Update iTunes On My Windows PC?

To fix this problem that iPhone won't backup to computer, you can gGo to Help and choose Check for Updates, then it may pop up a screen saying you have the current version of iTunes, or it will walk you through installing the latest version.

Part 2. How Do I Update My iPhone Software?

Select Check for iPhone updates for Update on your iPhone summary screen. Then navigate to Settings GeneralSoftware Update on your iPhone.

Method 4. Check security setting

Update, configure, disable, or uninstall your security software.

Method 5. Delete old iTunes backups on computer

Open iTunes > Go to iTunes menu bar > Preferences > Devices > Delete Backup.

Method 6. Make sure that your computer has enough storage

You can avail more storage by deleting unwanted files from your PC or by deleting the old backup history. But if there is not enough disk space, that indicates your iPhone won’t backup to computer due to less available space.

Method 7. Contact Apple Support

Method 8. Use the Best iTunes backup alternative

iOS Data Recovery Toolkit - iOS backup and restore, it allows you to do a whole backup of all the data on your iPhone and iPad. If you want to get them back on your phone you can easily do so using the same tool to instead of iTunes or iCloud, so you can fix this issue that iPhone won't backup to computer.

Through this tool, you can broadcast and export any files including photos, music, videos, messages, to name just a few, from the backup file on your PC and save them into formats such as HTML, CSV or vCard. What's more, there will be no data loss and no compatibility issue whatsoever, which we normally face while using iTunes.

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However, iOS Data Backup and Restore program also enables you to preview the files and items that you want to restore from backup.

Just free download the trial version to have a try now!

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