Let Us Say Hi to iOS10! A Bright Spot For The Upcoming iPhone7.

Let Us Say Hi to iOS10! A Bright Spot For The Upcoming iPhone7.

what are the changes in the iOS10 and some new functions for the coming iOS10.

Apple has just officially released that the autumn product is going to launch on September 7, 10:00a.m.,See you on the 7th ,Hello iPhone 7 !

At the same time, the new system- iOS10 is appearing as a major bright spot.

At present, the newest iOS system has already updated to iOS9.2.5, However, with the launching by iphone7, the highly anticipated iOS10 will appear soon. There’s so much to say about iOS10 — here are just a few of our favorite things.

Big. Bold. Beautiful.


Dazzling features for iOS10-SiriKit provides a full range of voice recognition from the code, which shows the result of the process to the users. Apple addsa new framework Intents.frameworkwhich represents Siri analytical results.
Your application need to provide some relevant keywords which can accept input, and only needs to listen to Siri and extend the system to recognize user intent. Siri can make the appropriate response as well as modify the actual operation. Finally, it provides feedback IntentsUI.framework. The whole process is very clear, at the meanwhile, it also means that developers have a limited degree of freedom.


Apple supports the use of facial recognition feature to find on the phone. Apple said that recognition technology can be implanted to the phone chip, then calculated each photo. Besides, it also can recognize the objects and scenes.


The navigation interface is more concise, and added the real-time traffic information. Meanwhile, the map function may recommend the place to go for the user, and also first step faster than the user. Be the way, the new map feature will be integrated into“Carplay system”.

4.Apple Music.

It will support the multi-tasking, you can specifically recommend by your music preferences, and added to the recently played list. Otherwise, if you can’t find the music that you want here, you can find them on the Internet and the use ofiOS transfer to transfer it to your phone.

5.Apple News.

The upgrade applications offers a subscription feature, so the users can read each article, and when you lock the screen, you can receive the real-time subscription of media push notifications.

6.Telephone and Message interception.

You can distinguish harassing telephone calls. Meanwhile, Apple contact card has also been improved with new services.

For the Message, It added the rich media feature, you can send video links directly in the text box, the camera can be directly connected to the real-time sharing of photos.

Relative to iOS9, iOS10 is improved with a lots of new features, which also deserves our expectation. What do you think about the above functions?