How to Make a GIF from a Youtube Video? GIF Video Maker

How to Make a GIF from a Youtube Video? GIF Video Maker

Want to know how to make a GIF from a Youtube video? Refer on here, the mentioned methods can help you to get the work done easily.

As one of the Google's subsidiaries, YouTube was widely welcomed by users from the different country. This site allows users to view, upload, download, rate, share, add to favorites, report and comment on videos, subscribe to other users, and it makes use of WebM, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and Adobe Flash Video technology to display a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media videos.

Youtube videos deliver a very good value for users, but sometimes where these videos can integrate some interesting, funny moment. You may want to cut down this part of enjoyment and this is why creating a GIF out of them. Actually, you can create GIF image from YouTube video through PBS Idea Channel, a new channel which has rolled out and is testing. But in a way, this features just allows you to create six seconds GIF image within moments from Youtube videos. Therefore, if you want to create a longer GIF image and edit it easily, here you may try to use this GIF video maker (iOS Transfer) which enables you to make a GIF from a Youtube video and edit with ease.

iOS Transfer
is a powerful phone manager which provides users the simplest way to make a GIF from a Youtube video, you can create animated GIFs with several simple clicks. Now, just see the tutorial below about how to convert YouTube videos to GIF. But firstly, you need to know how to download videos from YouTube to your computer with for free.

Download Videos from YouTube

Step 1 Open the YouTube website and find the video you want to download.

Step 2 Paste the URL into and click the Download button at the right side.

Step 3 Now you'll jump to the downloading page, and choose the file type you need to download it.

Later, you can find the downloaded video in your local folder when the download finishes. Then you can begin to convert YouTube videos to GIF with iOS Transfer.

How to Make Gifs from Youtube?

Step 1 Download this GIF video maker on your computer

Download WinDownload Mac

Launch the program and start it, then you can choose either connect your device to the computer or not. (You can connect your mobile device to the computer for data management but you don't have to do that if you only want to make a GIF.)

Step 2 Add Video to iOS Transfer

Choose Toolbox category at the upper right corner, and select GIF Maker in the main interface. Then you can click the Add button in the pop-up dialog, and add the downloaded video into the program.

Step 3 Convert YouTube Video to GIF

When the downloaded video is added into iOS Transfer, you can set up the starting and be ending time of the converted GIF, and click the Create GIF button at the right bottom. The program will start converting YouTube video to GIF automatically.

That’s all, through this software, you can easily make a GIF from Youtube video, and it fully supports to convert the videos you shoot with the camera of your phone to animated GIF. What’s more, it also supports you to convert multiple photos into a GIF in one click.

On the other hand, as a powerful phone manager, iOS Transfer also can help you to add, import, delete, backup and manage your phone data easily.

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Download WinDownload Mac

Tips: How to create GIF image from YouTube video?

In addition, here is another way of making a GIF from a Youtube video through PBS Idea Channel.

Step 1 Go to YouTube and sign in with your Google Mail credential.

Step 2 Select a video, where YouTube is testing this GIF image creator. (Check PBS Idea Channel.)

Step 3 Now click on the Share button that is located under Subscribe button. And then select the GIF tab.

Step 4 Now, you can select only six seconds from that video to create GIF image.

Step 5 Hit on Create GIF button and wait few seconds, you will get the direct link your created GIF image.

In short, with the help of the mentioned methods, you are able to make GIF from YouTube videos with no efforts. Just choose the simplest way to have a try it now!