Top 10 Best iPhone GIF Maker Reviewed: How to Make GIF on iPhone?

Top 10 Best iPhone GIF Maker Reviewed: How to Make GIF on iPhone?

Top 10 Best iPhone GIF Maker Reviewed: How to Make GIF on iPhone?

GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is a bitmap image format and come into widespread usage on the World Wide Web due to its wide support and portability. It is a great way of expressing your emotions rather than a still image, moreover, they are much smaller in size if you want to convert an HD image to GIF. On the other hand, it can grab the attention of more people when you uploaded on a social site.

Sometimes, you may want to convey your message or emotion properly to your friends, but a picture cannot capture all the information you want to express, or the image taken at different instances will not show the effect, and a video file format you want to convert are too larger to be uploaded or sent. Therefore, you may see many apps for iOS as well as Android on the market which allow images and videos to be converted into GIFs, here are top 10 best iPhone GIF maker for you to do it.

Part 1. Apps to Make a Gif on iPhone

Part 2. Make GIF for iPhone on PC

Part 1. Apps to Make a Gif on iPhone


As a short, animated sequence of images, Vines are only a total of six seconds in length, but it can play continuously on loop and contain sound unlike most GIF images.

Main Features: Video/audio recording, continuous looping, social media connectivity (including embed to Twitter option), and playback speed.

Pros/Good Review: It is easy to use and easy to navigate through with its simple interface. And it supports you to add new concept of enhanced GIF images.

Cons/Bad Review: Sometimes it will tend to crash while recording videos, you cannot import music files to your GIF. Besides, there are not self-timer feature in the video recording option.

2. GIFtoaster

To make a GIF on iPhone, it is the most convenient apps for you to do it. You are able to convert videos and photos to animated GIFs easily

Pros/Good Reviews: It is an iPhone/iPad universal app which can help us to convert photo, video and burst photos to GIF animation file.

Cons/Bad Review: it may tend to crash during the conversation.

3. GIF Camera

This app allows you to create GIFs that you'd like, just need to tap the screen of your iPhone and capture frames one by one in sequence. What's more, it also enables you to adjust the speed of the GIF and save it in your phone memory.

Pros/Good Reviews: It is the easiest apps to make a GIF on your iPhone.

Cons/Bad Review: There are too many ads and sometimes the existing videos cannot be uploaded.


It provides you a wonderful combination of a photo and video when using this app, you can transform small section of your photo into animations.

Pros/Good Reviews: A user-friendly app which produces a wonderful combination of a photo and video, and with the good options for adding effects.

Cons/Bad Review: Requires a large amount of storage to save output photos and the app is large in size.


As one of the best GIF-generating apps available for iPhone, Gifboom allows you to import photos that are available on your phone or take pictures using your front or back camera. And it has many filters available that can be used to enhance the appearance of your GIF image.

Pros/Good Reviews: It has an entire library of rich features available for the creation and editing of GIF images, and it also provides you some other functions like a frame rate adjustment and social media connectivity etc.

Cons/Bad Review: It lacks some basic features such as ‘copy to clipboard’, and there is a little buggy (slow speed) when adding text to the GIF images, especially with certain image formats.

6. Live GIF

This app is specially designed for Live Photos, and it enables you to share Live Photos on social media sites as GIFs.

Pros/Good Reviews: It is the best GIF conversion companion in form of an app that is ready to perform the task.

Cons/Bad Review: The app conflict embedded in disguise.


It contains many options that you can use to make many parts of your photo to move. Besides, you can also view and share all the GIFs on social networking sites in a grid form.

Pros/Good Reviews: With its easy and fun interface, you can make a gif on your iPhone no need to collate pictures, just select them from your iPhone and transform them directly.

Cons/Bad Review: There are some problems in loading the library. And it didn't have a very good design compared to others.

8. GIFit

For a newcomer, it is useful for them to create animated GIFs for iPhone easily. This iPhone GIF maker app provides a very simplified user interface and allows you to get the work done within short time.

Pros/Good Reviews: GIF Obsessed, the 40 best/coolest GIF Apps, extensions and things.

Cons/Bad Review: There are some huge warts.


It enables the user to record videos using the in-app camera. And you can upload existing videos that can be transformed into high-resolution GIFs. What's more, it also allows you to attach the GIFs to text messages as well.

Pros/Good Reviews: With its attractive design and interface, you can get the high-quality effects.

Cons/Bad Review: After you delete some items on this app, it will retain storage of GIF for some time.

Part 2. Make GIF for iPhone on PC

If you want to make a large number of gifs, then it should be cumbersome to use the app to create them. Then the best way for you is to transform them into the computer(PC/Mac). Here, iPhone Manager/GIF maker must be the best software for you to make gifs.

It is a great GIF maker as well as a phone manager which allows you to make animated GIF with the videos or photos saved on your iPhone. What's more, you can also manage your phone data instead iTunes easily through this program.

Download WinDownload Mac

Key Features:

This GIF maker enables you to convert videos and photos to animated GIFs
The GIF maker allows you to convert Live Photos to GIF if you are using iPhone or iPad
The GIF maker will keep high quality of the animated GIF after conversion
This GIF maker saves the converted GIF on your computer immediately after conversion
This GIF maker allows you to trim any part of the video and convert it to animated GIF

How to Convert Videos/Photos to GIF with iPhone Manager

Step 1 Download and install iPhone Manager/GIF maker on your computer

You can connect your iPhone to the computer for data management, but if you only want to create animated GIF, you don't have to connect the device.

Step 2 Make Gifs on iPhone

Add Videos to iPhone Manager Choose Toolbox category at the upper right corner, and select the GIF Maker option in the main interface.

Then hit the Add button in the pop-up window to add videos to iPhone Manager.

Step 3 Convert Videos to GIF

For one picture: Now you can set up the starting and ending time of the video to convert, then click the Create GIF button at the right bottom to start converting video to GIF.

For multiple pictures: Only need to choose Photos to GIF option in the pop-up window and select the photos you want to convert. Then click the Create GIF button.

That’s all, with above 10 programs, you can create animated GIFs for iPhone with ease. Just choose the one you like to have a try it now!