A Cool Software: "Make up pictures with words"

A Cool Software: "Make up pictures with words"

A smart phone application and photo editing software, Photo Text ASCII Art can help you to make up pictures with words. Read it, you will know how to convert the pictures to the words.

We have been looking for a variety of picture editing software, in addition to shooting a nice picture, and add something to the photo with the filter, stickers, text and so on. Such as Snapchat, Instagram, Line, etc. And we have long been accustomed to doing these things, to enrich our life.

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Therefore, today I would like to introduce another amazing software for you, which allows us to make up a picture with words. If you are also interested in it, let us have a look now!

Photo Text ASCII Art, a simple generator of picture edit software, it can help us to convert a picture to the word while keeping the same shape. Exactly, when we use the software to convert the pictures, the picture sequence will be converted into ASCII codes. And this code was created to represent text in the computer with 128 characters.

Download the Photo Text ASCII Art in Paly Shop.

Tutorial: How to operate the Photo Text ASCII ART

1. Firstly, select the photo in the lower right, then adjust the size, click "OK". You will see the text of the image after you click the top of the adjustment tool, then adjust the "Font size".

2. Adjust to the maximum number or adjust "Width Color" in the Multi Color ascii. So, you can use the word which you want to fight the word, and click "OK". Then return to the Setup page and press the "OK" button.

3. Now you're almost finished the picture, just click "Save". Besides, the photos which you have chosen, you need to make sure that the photos are not too complicated, then the effect is better.

Picture after been generated, we can get a special picture in the different type. But it is recommended that the picture which we use should not too large, to focus more on this ASCII effect. And except to convert pictures with the word, here is an awesome iPhone transfer software for you to convert the Static image to the “GIF”. Hearing here, do you want to try? Just free download to have a try now.

In addition, do you want to share these peculiar pictures to your friends or your family? You are still worrying about how to directly transfer files from phone to phone? No matter is the same system or different system, like Android and iOS, is there a way to transfer data from mobile to mobile easily? Of course, just using by this professional mobile transfer software, you can transfer these pictures from one phone to another phone as a bath!