MP3 to M4R, How to Convert MP3 to iPhone Ringtone?

MP3 to M4R, How to Convert MP3 to iPhone Ringtone?

How to Convert MP3 to M4R? Just follow this guide you will know how to easily convert MP3 to M4R with/without iTunes as well as download ringtone to iPhone.

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“I have just purchased a small MP3 file to use as a ringtone, but, to be able to use it on my iPhone I need to convert it to an m4r file. Is it easy to do this with an easy way?”

For iPhone user, it is hard to set a customized ringtone on their phone, because the common extension of music files is MP3, but the iPhone ringtones format need to be in the M4R. Therefore, to convert MP3 to M4R on iPhone, you may need to take the assistance of an MP3 to M4R Converter.

What is M4R Format?
The Official Method: How to Change MP3 to MR4 with iTunes?
Best iTunes Alternative: How to convert MP3 to M4R for your iPhone Ringtone?

What is M4R Format?

The M4R is an iPhone ringtone file that is essentially a renamed AAC (m4a) file. Not all iTunes Music Store songs can be used to create M4R ringtones. In order to create an M4R ringtone from an iTunes song, the song must allow for M4R ringtone creation.

Ringtone encoding formats

AAC: Some phones like the Sony Ericsson W810i support ringtones in ".m4a" AAC format. The iPhone supports ringtones in ".m4r" AAC format. The ".m4r" format is exactly the same as the ".m4a" format other than the possibility of including DRM style copy protection in a ".m4r" file.

AAD (Advanced Audio Coding): It is the default audio encoding technique that is implemented by every iPhone, which supports files ranging from 8 to 320 Kbps and the output is often known as “true tones”, as it consists of music files or any other audio recording.

The Official Method: How to Change MP3 to MR4 with iTunes?

Step 1 Launch iTunes on your computer and then click on Files > Add File to Library option.

Step 2 Click your MP3 files and select Get Info > Options, then it will pop up another window as below, so you need to select the starting and ending time of your ringtone.

Notes: Make sure that it is not more than 40 seconds, and you can apply your settings in order to clip the file.

Step 3 After clipping the audio file, you need to perform mp3 to m4r conversion. Just go to the "File" on the top left menu and select the option of “Create AAC version” from Convert tab. This will convert your file to m4r format.

Step 4 When it is done, go to the media location and change the extension of .m4a to .m4r.

Step 5 Sync the tones in the iTunes with your iPhone and your custom ringtone will be applied in the iPhone.

Best iTunes Alternative: How to convert MP3 to M4R for your iPhone Ringtone?

Without iTunes, how can you convert MP3 to iPhone ringtone without hassle? Luckily, here you can try to use this awesome mp3 to m4r converter - iOS Transfer. It can help you to customize your ringtones and convert mp3 to m4r easily, and it will perform mp3 to m4r conversion automatically while saving a ringtone on your device. What's more, it also provides plenty of other features which let users personalize their ringtones with ease.

Support iPhone: iPhone 6s(Plus), 6(Plus), 5c, 5s, 4s, 4, 3GS which run in iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, iOS 7, iOS 6, and iOS 5 etc. (including iPad and iPod)

Compatible version: Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X 10.11/10.10/10.9/10.8/10.7/10.6.

Download WinDownload Mac

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Step to convert mp3 to m4r Mac/PC

Step 1 Downloading iOS on your PC/Mac.

After doing that, please install it on your computer and connect your phone to it as well.

Step 2 Import an audio file to make ringtone

a. Visit the “Music” section by clicking on the respective icon from the menu bar. This will present a list of all the music files that are present on your device. Now, click on the “Ringtone Maker” option to convert mp3 to m4r.

b. Import audio files from your local storage or your device storage

c. Click on the “Local music” and simply locate the music file you want and it will later be converted to an iPhone ringtone file format.

d. Click on the “Device music” button, then you will see the interface with a list of all the music files stored on your device. You can just select the file you want and load it.

e. You can import an audio file from the main Music window as well, just simply select the file you wish to make as your ringtone and right click it. Now, out of all the given options, click on “Ringtone maker” to edit it.

Step 3 Make your own ringtone

a. You can just clip the ringtone from the entire file and save it. Besides, to listen to your selection, you can click on the “Ringtone Audition” button.

b. You can click “Set to start” and “Set to finish” buttons if you want to select the starting and the ending part of the ringtone.

c. You can always provide its numeric value in the set to start and finish boxes if you know the exact time duration of your desired ringtone.

Advantage: And the files will automatically be saved in the m4r format as the software will convert mp3 to m4r directly.

Step 4 Set your new ringtone

Go to Settings > Sounds and tap on the option of “Ringtone”. From here, you can just select the newly transferred file and make it as your default ringtone.

Compare with method 1 to method 2, you may know which one is more professional for users. Now, you already knew what is a 4r format and how to save iPhone ringtone format, so you can easily customize your phone. Just have a try and redefine your iPhone experience.