Not Enough Storage? Four Tips For You To Make Space On iPhone7.

Not Enough Storage? Four Tips For You To Make Space On iPhone7.

Have your phone always been not enough storage? In this post, you can find some iPhone tips and tricks to make space on your iPhone6s or iPhone7. Read on and give it a try with your iPhone.

For the iPhone6s users with 16GB and the iPhone7 users with 32GB, they often need to delete the photos, videos, music and other files on their phone to release the storage. I believe that it is very painful for the users, but if you want to reduce the space in this limited storage conditions, how can you do?

1. Close the “Forever History”.

In the default settings, your iPhone will save all sent and received text messages permanently. This feature is useful if you need to view the short messages one year ago. However, if you want to have enough space, so you can turn it off. Because the SMS is not commonly used.
Although you close this function, you can also refer your deleted SMS or recover them to your phone by some iPhone recovery tool.

2. Don’t save the photos repeatedly.

In the HDR camera mode, it will automatically save two types of photos. One is the normal exposure, another is the HDR after the synthesis of photos.

We can close it in the setting and keep the normal exposed photos option. Meanwhile, iCloud's photo gallery is associated with a local file, so we cannot delete local photos while saving a cloud backup, but we can open the "Optimize Local Storage" feature in "Settings-iCloud-Photo", and save the preview image with little space on your phone after uploading photos to iCloud.

3. Clean Up App's Cache and Offline Data.

When we use the App to access data online, the cache file will be created locally, whether it is a version update or an Internet surfing operation.

The more frequently used App, the more web page history will have the more browsing data. In addition, online video applications often produce off-line preservation of video files and a large cache occupancy.

Open Settings - General - Storage & iCloud Capacity - (Local) Manage Storage Space. And then open the App, use its own clean-up cache function to delete these junks. Besides, we can also through Jailbreak your iPhone to remove the pre-installed app on your phone.

4. Reset your iPhone.

With the increase in the use of time, the "other" content is also growing which display in the iTunes memory’s information.

These junks are often produced due to the file lost when synchronizing video, audio, music etc., and the interrupted download of the app, it is difficult to clean up. The most concise way is to restore iPhone factory settings to re-download and install Apps.

One other thing to note is to back up the necessary photos, music, contacts and other files before reset the iPhone. Through a third-party synchronization application like The Phone Recovery Expert to synchronize to iPhone, do not restore by iTunes backup, because it will lead to "other" files synchronize back together.

In short, the above tips can only relieve you of the pressure. What’s more, we can often delete infrequently used information on the phone, or through another backup method to back up your data.