OLED screens? Why iPhone7 gives up it?

OLED screens? Why iPhone7 gives up it?

Why does not Apple use OLED screens on iPhones

In the past few years, the rumors have widely spread that iPhone will use the OLED screen. But for the upcoming iPhone 7, it is still not equipped with OLED screens.

The OLED screens might change iPhone in the aspect of appearance and design, that is one of the reasons that the industry would be so concerned about the OLED screens.

Apple usually likes to use some of the new technologies and features in new products, then try to use these new things gradually on its other products, to create a more harmonious and consistent user experience. Apple adopts the OLED screens in the Apple Watch, but why Apple doesn’t use it in the iPhone 7?

What is OLED?

OLED (organic light-emitting diode) is a self-luminous material after the electricity. When the machine adopts the OLED screens, its thickness will be thinner than before. Besides, it can be truth that the phone will be the folding screen with the surface.

The advantage of the OLED screens.

It still cannot be ignored that it is the function, such as more energy-efficient, self-luminous, thinner, etc.
If the Apple introduces the OLED technology into the phone, it will have a larger play space in the design. Besides, the mobile performance and operation will better than before after using the OLED screens, so it will be more convenient for us to send files to iphone.

The disadvantage of the OLED screens.

Although the OLED screens can save energy and power, but it still has some problems in the market.
The capacity failing to meet requirements.

At present, Samsung is one of the industries which adopt to the AMOLED screens. With the development of the technology, it is perfect in the production yield and the color control, but its sales are still not as good as Apple.

The high cost.

It is very important to reduce the cost. The OLED is relatively a new technology, compared to the LCD, it has not been widely used, as a product, so it will increase the production costs if we use the OLED screens.

On the other hand, Apple has been much insisted standard color gamut of 100% sRGB, and for the color and gray-scale deviation from the average ΔE also have higher requirements, so it allows a deviation magnitude in less range.

Which one is more excellent? The OLED or LCD? I believe that we can see the iPhone with OLED screens in the near further.