Out of the Stage of History-Our Classic iPhone 4

Out of the Stage of History-Our Classic iPhone 4

Apple has gone quite a long way, one of the most important turning points is iPhone 4. Recently Apple announced a comprehensive shutdown of the iPhone 4, since then, iPhone4 has become the past.

It is time to say goodbye with the classic – iPhone4.

As the most classic generation of iPhone, even now, iPhone4 are still using by many users. According to the MacRumors, it reported that Apple will officially out of a batch of outdated Apple devices in October 2016, including the iPhone 4, 2010 models of the 13-inch MacBook Air, as well as the AirPort Extreme router, and the AirPort Time Capsule.

In fact, iPhone4 caused people to the pursuit of smartphones in the minds of many people, iPhone4 is also a wide range of Apple products to enter our field of vision! It is indeed a fact that iPhone4 has caused a stir in the world, the retinal screen, strong CPU and slim body destined to become a generation of the classic!

Everything will grow older, the mobile phone market is naturally the same in the iterative speed. And iPhone4 become rivals also have other brands, such as the Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC G7, Motorola ME722, etc. In terms of design, or mobile phone performance, then the leading brands are leading our trend.

From iOS1 to today's iOS10 system, the times are changing, and of course, the quality of mobile phones are also improving. The iPhone4 is undoubtedly the turning point of the mobile phone industry, if there is no iPhone4, it will not appear today's iPhone6, 6Plus, not the iPhone7, iPhone 7 Plus.

Perhaps you are still using the iPhone4, and you may encounter in the course of many minor problems on iPhone4, but now there is still many software support iPhone4 system. For example, if you restore your iPhone4 to the factory setting, you still can recover your lost data via iPhone recovery software. Although the iPhone4 off the shelf, but there is still much software can support the system.

The new should replace the old! With the flourishing market demand, the classic still can’t catch up with the changes of the times. And now it is the era of iphone7.