Pay attention! Your battery is too low.

Pay attention! Your battery is too low.

9 tips to help you save your iPhone power and make your phone live longer

Do you know why your iPhone is always so fast out of power?

As far as the apple is concerned, the battery is also considerable elements. iPhone6 is equipped with a 1810MAH battery, but the iPhone6s battery capacity only has 1715MAH. Fortunately, the new iPhone7 will enlarge its battery capacity to 1960MAH.

In nowadays, mobile phone plays an important role in our daily life. Whatever at work or in your free time, mobile phone should be essential for us, just like our left and right hands. Thus we have to protect it well, and the first step should save power.

How to save power more efficiently? Do you know those skills? Share you 9 tips for saving power.

1.Reduce the screen brightness as much as you can.

The larger and larger screen are a power hog. Actually, the iPhone has its own functions to adjust the screen brightness, but you still need control by yourself when your phone in the specular conditions.

2.Close the push notification.

Closing the application notice which you needn’t. Don’t let them to consume your power.

3.Ban of sending diagnostic data.

Don’t send the diagnostic data. On one hand, it can save your phone power; On the other hand, it also can protect your private data.

4.Ban of push-email function.

If you are not often using it to receive or send email, please close it.

5.Limit Ad Tracking.

It is also beneficial to protect privacy and improve the iPhone experience.

6.Close the Bluetooth and reduce the mobile's vibrator and voice.

Closing the useless tools to make you power life longer.

7.Disable the iCloud selectively.

In fact, the experience and functions are quite good of iCloud. It is integrated with Apple ID, so it becomes the essential functions for Apple.By the way, if you don’t want backup the data from your iPhone to iCloud, phone transfer is also a good choice.

8.Reduce the use of positioning services and APP.

It’s not necessary for some data which based on advertising location, traffic data update, time zones etc. so shut down the service to save power.

9. Recover to the new iPhone.

Actually, when we use the iPhone, the above method is still power consumption relatively. So if you want your iPhone to get a new life, you can try to recover to the new iPhone. Certainly, you need backup the important data before erasing all content and settings, through iTunes, iCould, or another iPhone transfer software.

Finally, do you want to make your iPhone standby more durable? Collect and study them, you can do it also.