How to Delete iMessages on iPhone Permanently?

How to Delete iMessages on iPhone Permanently?

To permanently delete iMessages history on your iPhone, here you may use this professional iOS private data eraser program to delete it with ease.

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Q: iMessages don't actually get deleted? How to permanently delete iMessages on iPhone?

After you deleted your iMessages on your iPhone, you may think you've deleted them thoroughly. But when you were using spotlight search to find something and noticed that some text conversations you made months ago were showing up!

In fact, the deletion of iMessages on the phone is just a simple erase and can not permanently delete the data stored on your phone. The deleted MMS, SMS and iMessages can be also found in your iCloud backup files, iTunes backup files, and even hiding in the Messages app on your Mac computer. To really wipe the clean, you've got to attack it from all angles. So if you want to permanently delete iMessages on iPhone to prevent leakage, the best way is to erase with Some Data Eraser Software.

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Part 1. Manually Delete text messages on your iPhone

Step 1 Tap Messages app > tap Edit > tap the reading circle, then you can remove the whole conversation from your iPhone.
Step 2 Tap to open a conversation > tap on iMessage > tap "More".
Step 3 Then you can delete the message in this conversation you need. However, you think you've deleted the text from your iPhone, but you may find them in the spotlight.

By this way, you just can clear iMessage cache on your iPhone, it means that you can use a recovery software to recover deleted iMessages from your iPhone. So, if you want to delete iMessages permanently, here you may follow the next method.

Part 2. Delete iMessages History on your iPhone permanently

iOS Data Recovery Toolkit - iOS Private Data Eraser is a professional tool which can help you to permanently delete iMessages on iPhone. By using this tool, you can permanently delete iMessages on your iPhone, making these iMessages gone forever. Even a data recovery tool can't retrieve it anymore.

Key Features:
Scan and preview your private data for free
Both deleted and existing privacy are checkable
Able to erase many kinds of private data
1 click to erase all or selectively erase items as you wish

Erase all kinds of privacy on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Step 1 Install the iOS Private Data Eraser program on your computer

Install and launch the program on your computer, connect your iPhone to your computer via its USB cable. After then, select "Private Data Eraser" to permanently delete iMessages on iPhone.

Step 2 Scan for existing and deleted text messages on your iPhone

Click "Start Scan", the program will begin to scan for the iMessages on your iPhone. And then waiting for the scanning process.

Step 3 Permanently delete iMessages on iPhone

When the scan is finished, you're able to check "Messages" and "Message Attachments" to preview all the messages you're going to delete permanently. Click "Erase from the Device" to delete iMessages from your iPhone completely.

And then the program will ask you to confirm your operation by entering the word "delete". After that, you can click "Erase now" to continue.

Once the process is complete, you will see the window as follows. Then the iMessages (deleted one or existing one you choose) are permanently deleted from your iPhone.

Want to keep personal privacy out of danger, here you may try to use this awesome Private Data Eraser program to do it. Just free download it to have a try now!

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