Practical Tools in iOS10: Three Further Improvements To Help You Use The Apple AirPrint

Practical Tools in iOS10: Three Further Improvements To Help You Use The Apple AirPrint

From this article, you will learn that Apple has made the improvements in AirPrint from three major aspects, which is AirPrint Bluetooth Beacon, PDF creation, Multi-user and password printing support.

As for the iOS10 system, I think most of you are already very familiar with it. So, expect for these obvious features, like iMessage, 3D touch, Siri and so on, do you know the AirPrint? In fact, this feature has been updated with improvements in iOS10 and macOS Sierra.

Do you often use the AirPrint?

AirPrint is an Apple technology for people to use at work or in their life, which can help you create full-quality printed output. Besides, this technology also does not need to download or install any drivers when using. Moreover, Apple has made great changes in technology, including the AirPrint Bluetooth Beacon, PDF creation from the iOS print panel, multi-user and password printing support.

AirPrint Bluetooth Beacon

Apple uses a Bluetooth beacon technology to provide a more stable and reliable connection for iOS devices and printers, which similar to the iBeacon platform. It said that many third-party Bluetooth beacons on the market can be configured with this feature, and the cooperative partner will also support this feature of the AirPrint printers in the future.

Create PDF

In iOS 10, you can directly create PDFs in the Print Panel, just as you do on a Mac.

After selecting Print, you can use this feature by double-clicking on the print preview page, then clicking the Share menu in the top right corner. Any application that accepts the PDFs sharing will appear in the Share menu, you can also send your recently created PDF files here.

Besides, for better manage or refer your PDF file, you can use iDevice from iOS transfer to do it, just like a U-disk.

Multi-user And Password Printing Support

At present, AirPrint supports multi-user and password printing. Apple will store the encrypted information to the keychain, so when you use it, it allows you to forget the print setting of multi-user on a device, and you can use password printing without the username.

With the AirPrint, you can also print high-quality photos and documents from your iOS devices through its built-in most popular printer models.