Read it! You Will Know Why iphone7 Abandon Headphone Jack

Read it! You Will Know Why iphone7 Abandon Headphone Jack

Tell you the intention that the apple wants to abandon the headphone jack.

One of the biggest changes on the appearance for iphone7, that its headphone jack. Apple decided to cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, the reasons for this behavior can be so much, but a mature industrial chain and innovative design are the first factors they dared to radical.

Adopting the lightning jack means that we need to purchase a special connector to use on the new iPhone, or the user needs to purchase a new special earphone equipment from an interface. Actually, we can see from the apple store, accessories, audio, and music, however, it has already launched lots of wireless headset in the early years. Maybe all of this are prepared for iphone7.

So this change is good or not? Let us see together.

Why does the iphone7 decide to cancel the headphone jack? What is its intention?

1.Make the phone much thinner.

It’s difficult to break through this problem - to make the phone thinner for many years because of the headphone jack. Remove the headphone jack part, and the thickness of the iPhone can reduce 1 mm at least.

2.Make the appearance more compact.

If cancel the headphone jack, it only has one lightning jack, so the phone will look like more compact.

3.Save power.

Abandoning the headphone jack means that iPhone can have more internal space to use for the battery. Increasing the volume of this part will effectively improve the battery life of the iPhone.

4.Better audio and sound effect.

Most of the people like to listen to the music and see movies, so the earphone is essential. Adopting the lightning jack, it can support of dealing with the sampling rate of 48k Hz audio, and make the sound source loss lower due to the higher sampling rate. Of course, sometimes you need transfer music or movie to your new phone, iPhone transfer plays an important role in your life.
In total, the 48k digital signal receiving/sending can make the ability of audio playback and record more close to the professional.

5.Portable hi-fi.

High fidelity for someone who are keen on music, they may know the traditional headphone jack need to be attached a small box if he wants to use hifi. However, the Lightning headphone jack just needs to integrate the DAC in cable directly.

Some netizens pointed out the problem “There is no way to charge with the power cord while wearing headphones to use mobile phones”. However, some reports show that the iPhone7 support for wireless charging and equipped with Bluetooth headset.