Facebook Messages Recovery Tool: Recover Deleted Facebook Messages and Password

Facebook Messages Recovery Tool: Recover Deleted Facebook Messages and Password

This article mainly shows you solutions to use facebook messages recovery tool. One is how to recover Facebook password without confirmation reset code and how to recover deleted Facebook messages.

Users suffer a lot from forgetting the Facebook password or deleting Facebook messages by mistake. So I want to share methods to help people recover Facebook password and Facebook messages. Part one is about how to recover Facebook password without confirmation reset code. Part two illustrates two ways to retrieve deleted facebook messages (recover from iPhone directly or use Facebook messages recovery tool.) Just follow the easy steps and learn how to retrieve deleted Facebook messages.

"I cannot connect to my Facebook account when I enter my password, but I still can access to my email address. I try to get the confirmation code but I can't receive it because I have changed the mobile which I had provided in my account. So, now what can I do to recover Facebook password without confirmation reset code?"

Actually, it is a common thing for users to lost or forgot the Facebook password, and we may also change our mobile number but forget to update the information of our social software. So, we are likely to meet the above situation.

In this case, I have found the best solution to recover Facebook password without confirmation reset code in safest and quickest way, just follow the detailed guide as below.

Attached a video tutorial for your reference.

After reviewing the above video, you may have an awareness to recover Facebook password. However, if you need a detailed tutorial in texts, here you may learn from above steps.

1. Access to the other's e-mail address to reset the account password.

2. Sign out of your current online account and click "forget password" in the Facebook login page.

3. Enter your Facebook login account e-mail address and click “this is my account”, click on “account cannot enter” Button.

4. Enter e-mail address you have controlled, do not enter your Facebook account mailbox binding.

5. Try to answer your security question. If you can answer your security question, you can change your password. If not, then read on. If you cannot answer your security question correctly, click “restore my account with the help of a friend”.

6. Find three friends who can help you hacking into the account. Facebook will restore the verification code sent to the account you choose three friends.

7. If your friends are willing to help you, you can choose the password sent to them, and then by the Friends of the password sent to you.

8. After entering your verification code sent to your friends, you can reset the account password.

Finished! Just have a try now!

However, we are accustomed to using the mobile devices to use social software, so it will store a lot of information, photos on our phone, but if you accidently delete important information, like messages in Facebook Messenger, can you recover deleted facebook messages? Or are you searching for a Facebook Messages Recovery Tool?

In fact, we may accidently delete many important data when we use our iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Therefore, we should have a solution to face this kind of mistake. Here I would like to show you two effective ways which can help you recover deleted Facebook messages on iPhone, iPad or iPod. You can recover deleted Facebook message directly or you can use Facebook Messages Recovery Tool to retrieve deleted Facebook messages.

Method1. Recover deleted Facebook messages from iPhone directly

1. Log in your Facebook via PC and navigate to Settings > General > Download a copy.

2. Click on "Download a copy" button and click "Start My Archive". Then you'll receive an email to verify your identity. After that head for mail inbox and click on the given link to start downloading Archive file.

3. After downloading, open and extract the downloaded .zip file, then click on index browser folder to get your deleted Facebook messages.

See more about how to export, save and print Facebook messages.

Method2. Recover Deleted Messages on Facebook Messenger from iPhone via Facebook Messages Recovery tool

iOS Data Recovery (Facebook Messages Recovery Tool) is the world's 1st iPhone and iPad or iPod data recovery software, recovering deleted Facebook messages in few click. (Complicated with iOS 11) 

Download WinDownload Mac

Now also support iPhone X/8/8 Plus.

Step 1. Install the program (iOS Data Recovery-Facebook Messages Recovery Tool ) and connect your iOS devices to your computer.

Step 2. Scan deleted Facebook messages on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch

Click the "Start Scan" to scan your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to see deleted Facebook messages.

Step 3. Preview and recover deleted Facebook messages

Click "Messenger" to preview all found Facebook messages, both existing and deleted ones. You can swipe the "Only display the deleted items" to display the deleted ones. Put the checkmark before the ones you need and recover them.

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This method is the perfect interpretation of how to view deleted Facebook messages and how to recover deleted messages on Facebook. Download the trial version of iOS Data Recovery to check now!

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