How to Recover Whatsapp Images? Whatsapp Data Recovery

How to Recover Whatsapp Images? Whatsapp Data Recovery

Have you deleted your WhatsApp photos or other attachments accidentally on iPhone? Here are three methods for you to restore WhatsApp images from your iPhone.

WhatsApp, a very popular software for us to communicate with our friends. Besides, the images are a big part of the WhatsApp experience. And we are used to sending pictures or messages. But there is a small problem we always ignore. That is the data loss of WhatsApp. Especially if that data is pictures you intend to send to your WhatsApp contacts.

Actually, this happens a lot more often than you know but when it does, and recover WhatsApp images and messages is never easy.

However, this article will offer you a comprehensive guide on just how you can recover WhatsApp images through iPhone data recovery.

iPhone Data Recovery is the 1st iOS WhatsApp data recovery software around the world. It is a full solution for the recovery of deleted data such as contacts, notes, messages, photos and WhatsApp data from your iPhone.

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Free download the program below to have a go! And learn how to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp.

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Part1. How to Recover Whatsapp Images from iPhone directly

Part2. How to Recover deleted WhatsApp Photos from iCloud Backup

Part3. How to Recover deleted WhatsApp images from iTunes Backup

Part1. How to Recover Whatsapp Images from iPhone Directly

Step 1. Launch the products and Connect Devices.

After installing the WhatsApp data recovery  programs, connect your iPhone to the computer. Then click "WhatsApp & Attachments".

Step 2: scan the device.

After entering, click on "Start Scan" to scanning for deleted WhatsApp images.

Step 3: Preview the WhatsApp attachment and recover them.

Once the scanning process is complete all the recovered items will be displayed in categories. Choose the images you want to recover and then click on "Recover".

Besides, here’s another guide for you to recover your WhatsApp messages if you deleted them mistakenly.

Part2. How to Recover deleted WhatsApp Photos from iCloud Backup

Step 1: Sign in iCloud and choose backup file to download

Launch the products and select "Recover from iCloud Backup File". And after launching the program, log in to your iCloud account to see all your iCloud backup files. Choose the one that contains your deleted WhatsApp data and download it.

Step 2: Selected WhatsApp Attachments.

In the Pop-up Window, select WhatsApp Attachments. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to scan.

Step 3: Preview and retrieve deleted WhatsApp images

Click on Recover to save them to your computer or directly to your iPhone.

Part3. How to Recover deleted WhatsApp Images from iTunes Backup

Step 1: Choose your iTunes backup and extract it

Switch to "Recover from iTunes Backup File" after running the program, and you'll see the window below. All the iTunes backup files available on your computer will be loaded and displayed. Choose the one that contains your lost WhatsApp images. Click on "Start Scan" to being the scanning process.

Step 2: Preview and recover WhatsApp images

Once the scan is complete, preview the displayed data and select the WhatsApp data you would like to recover. Click on "Recover" to save the recovered files to your computer or directly on your iPhone.

With a little bit of help from WhatsApp data recovery, you can easily recover WhatsApp images and get back to enjoying your WhatsApp application.

Have a try now!

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