How to Reset Your Jailbroken iPhone without Losing Jailbroken Function?

How to Reset Your Jailbroken iPhone without Losing Jailbroken Function?

If you are a jailbroken user, and you need to reset your jailbroken iphone. But how should you do without losing jailbroken function? In this post, I will show you the method about it!

Do you like jailbreaking your iPhone? And Do you know the advantage or disadvantage about jailbreak? As we know, “Jailbreak” can remove a lot of restrictions on your devices, then you can use the iPhone unrestrictedly. But in some cases, if you need to reset your jailbroken iPhone, then what can you do without losing the jailbroken iPhone?

There are several solutions available for you to reset your jailbroken iPhone, and you will not lose anything. In fact, if your device has not jailbroken before, then you can restore it as you like. But for a jailbroken device, it must have many complex works when you reset it, and it is likely to cause the other loss.

By the way, there are some taboo functions of jailbreak you should pay attention if you are a jailbroken user.

Part 1. Reset Jailbroken iPhone to a Normal iPhone

Before you reset it, here are four things you should make sure first.

1. Update your iTunes to the latest version. (The new iTunes12 Tutorial)

2. Keep a necessary backup for your device data to restore them later. (free data recovery software download)

3. Take enough time to reset your jailbroken iPhone and restoring backup data.

4. Make turning off 'Activation lock' if you have turned it on. You can find the option here- Settings> iCloud> Find My iPhone> On/Off.

Step 1: Connect your phone to a computer, and make sure to open iTunes and click it.

Step 2: Click the “Restore” option.

You can keep back-up your phone's non-jailbroken apps to restore them after resetting. You iPhone will take time then to download, extract and install the new firmware.

Step 3: iTunes will need your permission again to restore the device.

Besides, Here you may also use easily and selectively restore tools to finish this step with iPhone Data Recovery, which allows you to preview and restore iPhone from iTunes backup and iClouds backup.

Step 4: After a reopen you can restore your backup data.

If you have access to your cellular data, your phone will restore automatically.

Tips: What Will Happen to the Jailbroken iPhone after the Resetting?

Your jailbroken didn't make any changes when it was done. And the normal reset just lets your iPhone be restored to its previous way. It will give you a fully working phone as before jailbroken but with a non-jailbroken state.

Part 2. Reset Jailbroken iPhone without Losing Jailbroken Features

There is a list of tools are available to reset iPhone without losing jailbroken. Semi-Restore, iLEX RAT, iOS Full Data Eraser, etc. are some of the most popular and best-worked tools in this line for resetting iPhone without losing jailbroken.


A professional tool for you to erase your data on your phone. Just a click can get you erased all your personal data in the most efficient and secure way of data protection. You can try it for free from the links below but if you want all the features you will be charged a licensed application. It can show you resetting your jailbreak iPhone without losing any data.


Half to restore to its previous state and popular best work history iOS 5.0 6.1.2 reset the jailbreak iPhone name is. This software is available for Windows and Linux x86_64 with 32-bit versions of Linux and Mac being developed.


iLEX Rat is another solution for jailbroken iPhone to reset the device without losing jailbroken, but it needs to run straightly from the jailbroken device that you are going to perform resetting. It is similar apps like Semi-Restore, and you can download it free from below link or Cydia store.

Part 3. Selectively Restore iPhone after Reset

After resetting your iPhone, we need to restore our iPhone. As we all know, we can restore iPhone via iTunes. But you know, iTunes is not that flexible and friendly to users. We are not allowed to view our backup data.

Therefore, here another way for you to restore iPhone from iTunes backup or iCloud backup. – How to restore iPhone?

The above is all the methods, if you also demand it hurry up to try!