Rebuild iTunes Library: Only One Click to Restore iTunes Library

Rebuild iTunes Library: Only One Click to Restore iTunes Library

Songs missing from iTunes? Want to rebuild iTunes library or restore iTunes library from iPhone, iPad or iPod? Here are two reliable and useful methods to restore iTunes library.

iTunes missing music (songs missing from iTunes)? iTunes Library disappeared? Had iTunes playlists gone? Or The computer crash after updating iTunes to a new version? Or being stolen by accident?

For an Apple user, it's a grievous news to lose iTunes library with everything gone. However, if you have backed up your iTunes Library to an external drive or iCloud, you can easily restore them once you are deleted them mistakenly or lost your computer accidentally. But if you didn't, it will be difficult for you to restore your media files. Although iTunes store allows you to download all purchased items again to your computer, you can't get back some other items which you didn't purchase from iTunes.

iTunes is a professional transfer tool which allows you to transfer and backup data to your iOS devices, you can easily restore the purchased items. Meanwhile, when you try to connect and sync an Apple device to a new library, iTunes will erase all the content and replace it with the new items from the new library. In brief, iTunes is not an ideal software to use for restore or rebuildiTunes Library.

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Therefore, is there any method to restore the whole iTunes library without erasing any data? Fortunately, here are some awesome methods for you to help you restore previous iTunes library easily, or rebuild iTunes library in one click.

Part 1. Restore iTunes Library via iTunes

Part 2. Restore iTunes Library via iPhone Transfer

Part 1. Restore iTunes Library via iTunes

Step1. Firstly, you should quit iTunes and locate your external drive:

for Windows, you can find in “My Computer”;

for Mac, you may find on the Desktop or Finder sidebar.

Step2. Drag the iTunes folder (that you backed up earlier) from your external drive to where you want it on your internal drive.

Note: Put the iTunes folder back into its default location.

Step3. Hold down the "Shift key (Windows)" or "Option key (Mac)" while opening iTunes.

Step4. It will pop up a message that asks you to Choose iTunes Library, then you need to click Choose Library.

Step5. Choose the iTunes folder from your internal drive.

Step6. Click “Choose” button on the Mac, and on the Windows version please click “Open”.

Step7. Choose the iTunes Library.itl file inside.

Part 2. How to Restore iTunes Library via iPhone Transfer

If you think above method can’t meet your requirement well, here you may try below method through iPhone Transfer. This software can help you rebuild iTunes library from your iOS devices directly, or get all media files back to your computer. (Including the items that are not purchased from iTunes)

You may free download the program below to have a go!

Download WinDownload Mac

Step1. Install and run iPhone Transfer on your PC/Mac.

Take iPod for example

Step2. Connect your iOS devices to the PC/Mac

After connecting your iPod to PC/Mac, your devices will be detected automatically by iPhone Transfer, then you will see the below windows.

Step 3. Restore iTunes library from iPod

a. Click "ToolBox" > "Rebuild iTunes Library".

b. Click "Start".

c. Now you can see the files like Music, iTunes U, Podcasts etc. which from your iTunes Library. Just check your wanted files and click "Start" to restore your selected files.

Now you will see all the items which are shown in the left column. Like "Music", "Videos", "TV shows" and so on. Click each to export them to iTunes library as a screenshot.

As a consequence, if you drop into the trouble just like the user above, now you can easily access to the original items to restore your iTunes library to the new computer. Furthermore, you can also use this tool to extend your iTunes music library by importing songs from your friends’ iPhone/iPad/iPod.

In addition, iPhone Transfer can not only selectively backup data to PC (manage and organize data), rebuild iTunes library, but also transfer music from iTunes to Android.

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Try iTunes Library Restore Tool to try recovering iTunes library from iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Download WinDownload Mac