Solutions to the Siris Issues on Your iPhone

Solutions to the Siris Issues on Your iPhone

You may meet the issues when using the Siri, such as failure to connect the third-party app, cannot respond to your command etc. Read this guide to get the solutions.

With the release of iOS10, Apple take full advantage of Siri, that is, it can work with third-party apps as well. Many users tend to use it when their hands are busy or just think that it is a convenient way. But the Siri also has some problems when using. For examples, it may mishear you, or can’t work with the third-party app etc. It will drive you crazy when you are urgent to use Siri. Here’s some solutions to solve Siri’s issues.

1.Restart Siri

If you find the Siri doesn’t respond to you, you can restart it. This method works most of time. Go to Setting>Tap General>Siri>Find the toggle switch next to Siri>Turn off the toggle switch and then turn on it again.

2.Turn off the Bluetooth devices

When you are holding down the home button to use Siri, but find it unable to recognize your voice.
This issue maybe the bug of iOS system which need Apple to fix. The other reason is that Siri may default that the Bluetooth devices has its own microphone, while it does not exist. Then Siri will use the non existence phone to replace your iPhone's microphone. And resulting in the not working when using Siri. The solution is to disconnect all your Bluetooth devices when suing Siri. But, you can use iPhone transfer to help you transfer your data to replace the Bluetooth.

3.Pull up headphone or the audio cable

Just as the Bluetooth, Siri may also regard the headphone or the audio cable as microphone, and Siri will use this non existence microphone to respond your command.
It is necessary to pull up the headphone or the audio cable when using Siri.

4.Hey Siri

iPhone has a cool feature called “Hey Siri”, which can release your hands and just using the voice to send your commands. But sometime it fail to recognize what you say and still in wait for your reply.
The solution for this issue is to say “Hey Siri” before the Siri screen pop up, and then send your commands.

5.Reset Network Settings

If above tips are not working, you can try to reset network settings. Head to Settings app>then General>tap the Reset> Reset Network Settings>input the Passcode>confirm the Reset Network Settings. After these steps, then try to use the Siri again. If these operations mistakenly cause data lost, you can use iPhone data software.

6.Enabled Siri support

Sometimes the Siri doesn’t work with the third-party app because you haven’t done the setting of the Enabled Siri support. You can set by going to Settings > tap on Siri > then App Support > Enable Siri. And then launch your app to see.

Hope above tips will help you solve the Siri problems. And use the Siri better.