Some Tips You May Not Know About Apple Music

Some Tips You May Not Know About Apple Music

Music app offers many features for users. Are you all know about that? This article will show you some tips you may not know about Music app and help it better to enrich your life.

Apple Music has offered its music service for a year. Many users fond of its features. But if you update your iPhone to iOS 10, you will get more amazing features. Here are some tips for you to know more about Apple Music.
Use for alarm clocks

Do you know that Apple Music is a more funny alarm clock which will wake you up in the morning(or other time). It is a happy thing to hear your favorite song when waking up. And then you can start a day with good mood. Then how?

1.Add the songs you like to My Music on your iPhone
2.Launch Clock, and go to Alarm
3.Add a new alarm if you want
4.Choose the ringtone, pick a song which you store in My Music

Then you put aside it, and go to do other things. When the time comes, it will ring and wake you up.

Easily use Apple Music with Siri

In iOS10, Siri gets more powerful functions. It also can start the Apple Music by using Apple’s personal assistant. Fox example, you are listening to Taylor’s song Love Story, and feel that it is awesome and want to listen again. But your hands are busy with other things. Now you can get the help from Siri by saying “Play once again”. You will get what you demand and you don’t need to open the Music app.

Reselect the genre and artist

If you are not satisfied with the genre and artist which you have select when you first start the Music app. And want to change it. How can you do? Here’s the second chance for you.
1.Head to For You tab
2.Open the account page
3.Choose Artists for You
Note that once tap means like, double tap means like very much.

Customize your playlists in Music app

In order to better recognize your song, you can personalize the icon by using the photos.
1.Head to Library
2.Find the Playlists
3.Find the New Playlist, tap the Camera button on the top.
4.Choose your photos to add

Share a song with your friends

Find a wonderful song and want to share it with your friends, family members? Apple Music allows you to do it.
1.Launch the iMessage app drawer
2.Select the song, there you can see the recently played songs from Apple Music app
3.If you are both using iOS10, the one who you want to share will get a rich link for playing the song.

Restore the mistaken delete Music

With too many operations, sometimes you may delete the songs you love wrongly. You can even go to download again. But if the quantity is large, you can get the help of iPhone Data Recovery software, which can save your data with simple steps.

Hope above Apple Music tips will help you to use the Music app in iOS10 better. If you want to know more about it, read this article.