Spoken Editions podcasts – Let you listen to the News on iTunes

Spoken Editions podcasts – Let you listen to the News on iTunes

If you prefer to listen to news as opposed to reading news, then soon you will have a new way to do this via iTunes-Spoken Editions. You will be able to listen all kinds of news podcasts on iTunes thr

Are you the podcasting enthusiasts? You'll use the Podcast app to find and listen to your favorite podcasts, but relative to the news, which one do you like more? Read or Listen?

Here's the good news about iTunes, iTunes has announced a new feature - “Spoken Editions”. So, you will be able to browse a variety of news podcasts in the near future, and these podcasts are media publishers of articles and news voice version.

The Spoken Edition podcasts on iTunes will primarily provide a voice edition of the publisher's written content, so that the users can “see” the news when they are not comfortable reading news or other content, such as walking, running, or doing other activities.

Initially, iTunes will provide several major media contents of the brand's voice version. For example, the “commercial", "science" and the contents of the home page will have a voice version in the WIRED magazine.

Besides, iTunes will also create a special "Top Spoken Editions" popular section in the WIRED page. That is, iTunes wants to highlight the certain types of content in this way.


These contents have been able to successfully on-line, which all depend on the SpokenLayer.

Its philosophy is: to make web content not only suitable for reading, but also for listening. It needs to rely on synthetic speech, which makes it experience the same as the common e-book reader.

When the user clicks to listen to Spoken Edition podcast content, it will remind you that this is provided by SpokenLayer. Perhaps Apple has reached a cooperative relationship with SpokenLayer.

SpokenLayer wants the author to read the article by himself or by professionals to ensure the quality of the audio. This model obviously can greatly enhance the user's "listen to the book" experience, so it has won the support of many well-known media, such as the Associated Press, TechCrunch, TUAW and so on.

For the podcast industry, “voice to text” recording is very common, but in the SpokenLayer, its method is a bit special of “voice to text”. It has developed a proprietary ecosystem that converts "phonetic" text into words, and different branded content has its own "sound." I think that it is also the reason why it can popular.


Podcast industry is currently entering the golden period of development, annual growth of more than 30%.

There are currently 25,000 active podcasts and 12 million audio, video, and file content in the podcast industry. So far this year, consumers have consumed over 10 billion podcasts on iOS, iTunes and tvOS devices. And about the podcasts files, you can transfer the relative files to another iPhone through iTunes, and there are another easy method for you to transfer directly via iPhone transfer.

Apple began to pay attention to audio podcast, and Apple may also be integrated an audio podcast into the Apple Music in the future, so it is convenient for iPhone users to listen. “Spoken Editions” will meet with us soon, and we will be able to experience it later!