Such a magical emoji, are you interested in?

Such a magical emoji, are you interested in?

What are the emoji expression might be appeared and popular in the iOS10?

Are you usually use emoticons when you chat online with your friends? I think so many people are accustomed to using emoticons, and Emoji should play a large part in our daily life. Do you know there are how many emoji emoticons?and do you know what the meaning of them?

In addition, Emoji are listed to the Oxford Dictionary, the meaning that a pictographic image. It can fill the blank of the words in social communication, on the other hand, its flexible and direct can rich the communicate forms.

In the iOS10 system, the emoji part may increase more than 70 emoticons, are you interested in?

Those expressions are more magical than before,especially for the “Face palm” and “shrug”. In addition, it also adds some new animal expression including gorillas, deer, foxes, bats, rhinoceroses, ducks, shark, butterfly, etc; Sports categories of new expression contains, fencing, gymnastics, handball, water polo, etc; Foods, including eggs, pancakes, bacon, cucumber, peanuts, croissants, etc. Do you want to use them with your chat?

The common tools which we often use, like WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype and chat app, all of them are also adopt emoji expression, let us use emoji to express us emotion with words. By the way, a small notice for you, to get into the habit of backup the files or chatting record which are important for you, otherwise you lost them accidentally. Then you just can use iphone data recovery to recover them.

Since the "laugh cry" expression has popular on the internet, the emoji expression became the good parts of our daily chat when necessary. And of course apple also know this. At this time, in the new iOS10 system, apple brings in more than 70 new and redesigned emoji expressions. Apple has already unveiled some of them. Let's take a look at what are the expression might be popular.

Add the symbolized woman's change trend by Google.

Google was the first to launch a series of professional women emoji images, at the same time it has a different color to choose, it was a lot of praise. Apple to join can let the Unicode obviously pay more attention to the emergence of this new trend, and make emoji become more balanced.

Emoji become a display for social change.

Most noteworthy is the element of battle, for example, the gun. Apple changes the Revolver to the water gun. Consider a series of shooting problem recently in American, and with violence may attack the world in the last two years continuously, emoji has been making changes to try to eliminate their violent element platform.

Combined with current affairs.

Also, add much more elements for the sports because of The Rio Olympics.

Finally, I believe that it will have a great mass fervor when emoji launched.