The Features of Apples iPhone 7 Plus

The Features of Apples iPhone 7 Plus

This article will show you some good features and some not good enough one for you. Such as the feature of dual rear camera, water resistant and A10 Fusion Chip of iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 Plus has been released right after iPhone 7. And it is said that iPhone 7 Plus is Apple’s most advanced mobile phone which has dated. Is it true? Let’s follow this article to know more about it.

1.Dual rear cameras of iPhone 7 Plus

The cool dual-camera system has been added to iPhone 7 Plus as an extra layer differentiation. The lenses are designed as side by side, and it is a difference from iPhone 7’s one camera lens.  A tweet from Apple gives a further instruction to this:” "Two all-new cameras that shoot as one for high-res optical zoom at 2x."  It is worth noting that bokeh technique will have digital implementations in the near future. This cool bokeh mode will come through a forthcoming upgrade.

2.Water resistant

Apple released the iPhone 7 Plus with statement that it has an IP67 Waterproof, which is the highest rating for resisting the dust and water. Maybe you can take it when you are swimming with Apple Watch, but at least it can survive about 30 minutes if it drops into the water.
How Apple gets this function? Although Apple silent about the reason. But many people think that it is because of the design of the iPhone 7 Plus. Such as, no headphone jack. Reducing the jack will improve the rating of water resistant. And also because of the home button, which allow users to use the sensation of a click.

3.A10 Fusion Chip of iPhone 7 Plus

Apple emphasizes that the A10 Fusion chip is the most wonderful and powerful chip among the smartphone market. Its running speed is two times faster than the iPhone 6 with graphics performance. What’s more, Geekbench’s tests showed that on both single-core and multi tests, the iPhone 7 Plus is the double performance compared to iPhone 6 Plus.

Every coin has two sides. After listing the advantages of iPhone 7 Plus, let’s see something not good enough. No headphone Jack is a thing that annoys many people. They have to apply lightning, or bluetooth.

Hope that above iPhone tips will help you, if you want to know more iPhone tips and tricks, click here to get more.