The Features of iPhone 7: Is it worth to buy?

The Features of iPhone 7: Is it worth to buy?

This essay talks about the features of iphone 7

Apple company will unveil its next-generation iPhone very soon. The news of iPhone always catches people’s eyeballs. No matter if you are interested in or not. I believe that you must be surrounded with plenty of its information. The true or just the rumor. After seeing so much, have you got any ideas about whether it is worth to buy? Then you can decide whether to buy it or not.

iPhone 7 plus dual-lens camera

Apple has been the king of cellphone’s camera for many years. But recently, Samsung has its high-tech and do well in camera aspect. The king of taking photos by cellphone belongs to Samsung. So this year, Apple makes a comeback. That is, the iPhone 7 Plus will also use dual-lens camera. Although Apple is not the first one to use this technology, it is still worth to be expected. Because we all know that Apple’s work style. If it decides to use this technology, it will show us the quality camera. All we should do is waiting for the big competition which may happen between iPhone 7 Plus and Samsung Note 7 soon. And Samsung’s position about camera will be in jeopardy.

New color: black, coral blue

Since the iPhone 5s published, to add new color has become its way to attract much more attentions. It works and bring good effect. Such as the golden iPhone 5s, the pink iPhone 6s. What’s more, iPhone 7 will add the black color. As the photos outflow, we can see that this color is better than before. But this time not only adding the black one, but also the blue one. Once the exposure of blue color, it will be welcomed by many people.

No headphone jack

Good news always comes along with the bad one. After checking the good one, let’s see what is the not good one next. iPhone 7 is rumored to be killed its headphone jack. Instead, users will be expected to plug in their headphones via the Lightning port or use Bluetooth headphones. But if the iPhone 7 does ditch the headphone jack, it may gain a new port: the Smart Connector. Currently this Smart Connector is found on iPad and allows smart accessories like keyboards to be attached. It’s possible Apple is planning a mini-keyboard accessory for the iPhone 7.

Home button

Another big redesign is the home button which has been with us for many years. It is rumored that iPhone 7 will cancel its home button, Apple will turned it into a touch sensitive surface instead. And this change will contribute to the waterproofing.

After checking the above features that we collect for you, will you decide to buy the iPhone 7? If so. Congratulations! Because you are going to have a new phone. And don’t forget to use iPhone transfer when you need to transfer the data from your old iPhone to iPhone 7.