The high frequency and performance for iPhone7 A10 chip, are you surprised ?

The high frequency and performance for iPhone7 A10 chip, are you surprised ?

Compared with A9 chip,what makes the A10 chip so different?

When does the iPhone 7 come out? Which functional changes are you concerned about?Its dual camera, 3D touch, or the headphone jack?Actually, no matter how the final appearance of the next generation iPhone will be, or how many types the final color will be, one thing should be no suspense. That is the coming of the A10 chip.

Due to a series of continual exposure of the new iPhone, recently the news that iPhone 7 will be powered by the brand-new A10 chip frequency has been exposed. Not surprisingly, the frequency of A10 chip is indeed scary.

Compared to the past, it has changed dramatically, including its structure of baseband.

The frequency will be further improved 30% abruptly than the before A9 chip.

It said that the frequency of A10 chip will up to 2.37GHz. Compared to the A9, its frequency has been improved 30%. But whether it can operate stably, it is up to both the packaging capacity of the TSMC 16nm FinFET Plus InFO process, and the control ability for CPU of the Apple.
By the way, the CPU of the phone, it is also influenced by your phone’s internal storage. Such as the pictures, videos, contacts and so on. So we need to have a habit to backup them through iTunes, iCloud or some iPhone transfer software.

Dual-core design.

The A10 chip may still adopt dual-core design, but the single-core will have a strong performance with its 1960mAh battery. It is expected to maintain stable performance and further enhance the iPhone 7's endurance.

The high Run sub-data.

According to the GeekBench 3, the database statistics show that the single-core of A10 chip, which will be used on the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, can run up to 3000, and can equally match the A9X chip, while the single-core scores are also further improved 20% than the A9 chip.

As we all know, the frequency of A9 chip is 1.8GHz, and the A9X chip is 2.26GHz. Moreover, the A10 chip frequency can reach to 2.37GHz, which shows the performance of the powerful A10 chip.

At last, A10 chip will debut with iPhone 7 together in September. Is it so that strong, we can see at that time.