The Issue You May Meet When Upgrading iOS10

The Issue You May Meet When Upgrading iOS10

How to solve the issue when updating to the iOS10?

Apple releases its new version of mobile operating system-iOS 10. This Apple iOS10 has many new features which can help people make the old phones feel like new. Many people who own an iPhone or iPad can’t wait to upgrade their devices. Most of the user succeed in updating, but some meet the issue. And the Phone may be factory reset.

Here’s the issue, when the download and installation process are done via Wi-Fi, an error window comes out and says that you need to plug it into iTunes on your computer. Then you link it to your computer, but another error window pops up and says “There is a problem with the iPhone “iPhone” that requires it to be updated or restored.” This message means that you might have been able to fix the issue by updating your devices, but if the update doesn’t work, your devices might have to be restored to factory settings. It means that all your content and settings will be gone. You need iPhone Recovery to help you.

It is the bug of Apple’s iOS 10 system, which is common when Apple’s systems first hit the market. Apple has apologized for this and give users the advice when updating. Apple advises users to update iTunes on their computers to the newest version 12.5.1 and then update the iPhone by plugging it into the computer. Also, Apple says they will solve this problem quickly.

Although users may encounter the problem when updating ios10, this will not stop their enthusiasm on the iOS10 system, since it is said to be the best system that Apple has released, which have many wonderful new functions. If you want to update to this iOS 10, go ahead! You might say what if my phone to be restored to factory settings and lost all the data? In case you have to restore the devices, iPhone data software will be able to recover the missing data.

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