The reform of the headphone jack: New Beats Headphones With the iPhone 7

The reform of the headphone jack: New Beats Headphones With the iPhone 7

the change of new beats headphones with the iPhone 7

Music is one of the most indispensable light entertainments in our daily life. Whether we walk on the road, on the bus or in other public area, we can see people everywhere who wearing all kinds of headphones, immersing themselves in the music world. It is precisely because of this, the headphone is also no longer a 3C product, but another symbol of self-styled.

So the value of headphones does not only depend on its pure price and voice performance but also whether its appearance, color and design can catch the customer’s eyes.

The traditional headphone jacks which will be canceled in the next iPhone. Even though we know that is the plan for Apple, we are still concerned about the coming changes. However, the new Beats headphones are going to be launched alongside the iPhone 7. If you are also not familiar with the Beats headphones, let us get into this field and learn together.

To put it simply, Beats can be divided into three parts, Beats headphones, Beats speakers and Beats audio.

Before Apple company acquire it,the Beats company has known the world. Needless to say, the ultra-high level in appearance and style is its greatest advantage. Now that it is the main fashion of portable route, so naturally, the product lineup of Beats should not lack the wireless headphone.

Although the product lineup of Beats already has the wireless headphone, we still can image that some new products can appear in the coming day. They support a revolutionary wireless transmission protocol to go beyond the common quality of Bluetooth headset. Therefore, when we listen to music or see movies, we can enjoy its high-quality sound effect. By the way, if the music or movie you need on your computer, you can use iPhone transfer software to transfer them to your iPhone and then see or listen more conveniently.

At present, the Apple and Beats are the relatively independent state in the operation. For Beats, its products and functions are not changed. But if Apple launches the iPhone 7 with wireless headphones, then the situation may change.

Base on this, if Apple launches the iPhone 7 with the Beats wireless headphone, not only can enhance the competitiveness of the iPhone7, but also push the development of Beats.