The Unique Camera From iPhone 7 Plus: Do You Really Know About The Dual Camera?

The Unique Camera From iPhone 7 Plus: Do You Really Know About The Dual Camera?

Dual camera are not used on Apple's products before, but now apple has done it on iPhone 7 Plus. Perhaps you may know its function but do you know the reason about it? After reading it, you will

With the rise of smartphones, the requirements of people for mobile phones have become increasingly higher. From the dual-core processor to the eight-core processor, the small screen to the big screen, each mobile phone industry is in a competition. In addition to system optimization, the contest of camera has gradually become the highlight in the mobile phone industry. What’s more, Apple also joined the competition.

As we all know, the camera feature of iPhone is very powerful, but do you know why iPhone 7 would like to use the dual camera?
There are some introductions of iPhone 7 Plus about the dual camera, if you are also interested in it, follow me to expand your understanding.

The principle of dual camera

Sensor size and quality of the lens directly determine the image quality of the camera. Due to the restrictions of the size and thickness, it is impossible to increase the sensor size and the optical quality of the lens.

In shorts, it is a natural evolution of the results that the phone from a single camera to dual camera, which also can be said to be two-dimensional to three-dimensional transition.

When we take a picture, a lens is responsible for image color collection, while a lens is responsible for brightness, contour, and detail of the ISP. Then the rear will be the sum of the two information, and present a better final piece.

The effect of presentation


Do not need to focus in advance when taking pictures, just click on the button to complete the shooting screen, and the phone will automatically save the different focal length of the photo. After taking the picture, you can find the picture in the preview or camera roll, and click the photo to achieve the re-focus function. Besides, if you are keen on taking the picture, there are some photo tips for you.


Dual camera can directly improve the photos of the sensitivity and reduce image noise, so the photos also have a better result in low light conditions.


Wide dynamic, dual cameras can solve the backlight problem, to achieve more intelligent HDR, making wide dynamic better.


In theory, two 13-megapixel cameras can be taken close to double the resolution of the photos through the algorithm, that is close to 26 million pixel photos. With dual camera, it can capture more screen details in the actual process of taking pictures. In the actual photo process, it will capture more screen details when using dual cameras.

In addition, it is also a very important part to store up your photos. In the absence of a backup, if you lost the photos, you can also find it out with the help of some iphone photo recovery software.

On the use of this design, I think iPhone 7 also would like to make the photo image quality to get a qualitative leap. When shooting is complete, it will be the internal algorithm synthesis for the picture, thus ensuring the quality of the photo.

Of course, Apple has done this to prove that it has strict limits for the production process of mobile phones, and also overcomes a lot of complex external conditions, so that we can have a functional phone.

After reading this article, do you have a more profound understanding of the dual camera?