Android Transfer: How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android?

Android Transfer: How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android?

Wanna know how to transfer apps from Android and save them to your new Android phone? Here is an easy and simple way for you.

Nowadays, Mobile phones have become the indispensable part of our life (like Android phone), we are used to do many things with our Mobile phone, such as make the payment, contact with other or browse information etc. However, those behavior is inseparable from different kind of apps. In other words, they play a more and more important part in Android users’ life. Therefore, if you want to switch to new android phone, how to transfer apps to new phone?

If you want to transfer apps from one phone to another, would you transfer loads of apk packages one by one from one device to another manually? I think the answer must be "NO", so here I would like to a transfer tool for Android device which can make the app transfer more convenient and save time.

Mobile Transfer is the best tool to use to transfer your apps from one Android device to another easily, it enables you to transfer between Android and iOS devices and supports more than 2000 devices.

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Just give it a go.

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Tutorial: How to Transfer Apps from Android to Android

Step 1. Download and Run Mobile Transfer

After installing Mobile Transfer on your computer, launch it. You will see the main interface of Mobile Transfer as below.

Step 2. Connect Androids to the Computer

The program will detect your Android devices (Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and HTC One etc.) automatically, then you need to click on phone transfer and choose the Phone to phone transfer option. With few seconds, those two Android phones will be detected and listed in the interface as the “Source” and “Destination” one.

Tips: You may need to check the “Clear data” box before you make the copy if you want to empty the destination phone.

Step 3. Move Apps from One Phone to Another

Choose "Apps" on the other boxes and click Start Copy and within few seconds, all your Android apps are saved successfully in your Other Android device. After the transferring finish, click “OK” to end it.

After that, you may finish your transfer process, so once you need to transfer games from one phone to another next time, it also can meet your requirement.

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In addition to transfer apps, Mobile Transfer also allows you to transfer everything from android to android including photos, contacts, text messages, calendar, music and so on, so you can easily have them stored in your destination Android once you purchased Phone Transfer and listen to the instruction carefully.