Transferring Data from Android to iPhone, Best Way for You!

Transferring Data from Android to iPhone, Best Way for You!

Transferring Data from Android to iPhone? With this mobile transfer, you can move data from Android to iPhone easily.

“I got a new iPhone7 last week, but I was concerned about my important data on my old Android phone, is there have an easier way for me to transfer all my data from my old Android to new iPhone? What’s more, I don’t want to lose the data when transferring!”

Transferring data from Android to iPhone? This problem will around us that what’s the easier way to transfer all my data like photos, contacts, music, apps from my old Android to my new iPhone?

Nevertheless, I think for the best way to transfer information to iPhone that you may stress a lot. Really, you do not need to worry about changing to iPhone. There is a tip readily available that you move data from Android to iPhone, migrating all of your important information safely - Mobile Transfer (Android to iPhone transfer).

Take a look at the methods that are accessible to transfer information select the one which is suitable for you personally and to iPhone below.

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Tutorials: Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 7/7s/7Plus/7s Plus/6s/6s Plus, Best Way for You -

Step 1. Install the Mobile Transfer on your computer

Run the Mobile Transfer on the PC, as follows, and you'll see the window. After subsequently, connect your Android mobile along with your iPhone with the computer via USB cables respectively. Be sure that your computer can successfully detects both devices.

Step 2. Select "Phone to Phone Transfer"

In the primary window, choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode, and you will start to see the software screens as follows. You should use the "Flip" button to change the areas of your phones and assure that the iPhone is the destination one.

Step 3. Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

After then, you can see that contents that can be transferred are listed at the center of the window. Assess the desired files and click "Start Transfer". During the procedure, never to disconnect either device.

In addition, mobile transfer software will provide you a safe way to transfer data, then you will not lose anything when transferring data from Android to iPhone. But in some case, if you lost some important data when transferring due to some error, you can also recover lost data from your devices, learn more details about iPhone Data Recovery.

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