How to Transfer Music from Android to iPod, The Best Way!

How to Transfer Music from Android to iPod, The Best Way!

How to transfer music from Android to iPod? With this mobile transfer, you can transfer music from your old Android or Samsung phone to iPod easily without iTunes.

“I got a new iPod last week, but I don’t know how can I copy all my music from my old Android phone to the new iPod in an easy way, who can help me? How to transfer music from Android to iPod?”

As we know, iPod is a good music player of Apple. It allows you to enjoy music whenever and wherever possible. Moreover, if you have a lot of songs on your Android phone and you want to transfer them to the iPod, how should you do to transfer them?

With the help of iTunes, you may able to transfer music to iPod. But if you are an Android device, you can't directly transfer music to iPod. So, if you are also looking for the best way to copy music from Android to iPod, now follow me. Here is a useful Android to iPod transfer tool, that is, Mobile Transfer.

Mobile Transfer is a great phone transfer software, which allows you to transfer all music on your Android device to iPod easily, just one click!

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Now lets' go and check it out!

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Tutorials: How to Transfer Music from Android to iPod -

Step 1. Install and run this transfer tool

Firstly, you should install and run this Android to iPod transfer tool on your computer. Then, the primary window shows up on your computer screen. Go to "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode and click Start.

Step 2. Connect your iPod and Android device to the computer

Connect your Android device and iPod to the computer via the USB cables. Then it will detect the devices instantly. After that, you'll see the Android device is shown on the left, and the iPod shows up on the right.

Click "Flip", you're able to change the places of the two devices. If you want to remove the music on your iPod to make room for the songs on your Android device, you can tick off "Clear data before copy”.

Step 3. Transfer music from Android to iPod

Select "Music" and now make the transfer by clicking "start Transfer". In the process, don't disconnect your Android device or iPod. When all music on Android are transferred to the iPod, you ought to click "OK" to end it.

As you can see, Mobile Transfer can help you transfer music from Android to iPod with ease. So why not download it and have a try? Besides, Mobile Transfer also allows you to transfer other data, such as SMS, contacts, pictures, video etc.

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