Top 2 Methods to Add Playlist to iPhone from iTunes library

Top 2 Methods to Add Playlist to iPhone from iTunes library

How to add playlist to iPhone but not easing or replacing content on iPhone? Here are two effective solutions to show you how to transfer playlist from iTunes to iPhone.

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"How to add a playlist to iPhone? I don’t want to sync all the stuff in iTunes but several specific songs. I want to move them from my iTunes to iPhone but I just can’t. It said that I have to erase all content on my iPhone because the iPhone is already synced with another iTunes. Why? Anyone help?"

Generally speaking, iTunes is designed to sync automatically to keep your iPhone and iTunes have the same data for backup. It is not easy to sync playlists to iPhone from iTunes selectively. Must you transfer thousands of songs and multiple playlists in iTunes to iPhone? Surely Not! This article will tell you two easy ways about how to add playlist to iPhone from iTunes in detail so that you can enjoy the following conveniences:

1. Add playlist to iPhone with ease

2. Only transfer specific songs that you need

Part 1. Transfer Playlists from iTunes to iPhone via iPhone Transfer Software

iPhone Transfer, professional in managing iTunes library, is widely used by music lovers for it can transfer songs and playlists between iPhone, iTunes and Android within a few clicks. It is the best iTunes alternative to add playlist to iPhone as well as manage data such as photos, videos, music etc.

iPhone Transfer Software

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Step 1. Download software and connect iPhone to computer

Firstly of all, download run iPhone Transfer on you PC or Mac. And then connect your iPhone to computer via USB. 

Step 2. Copy playlist from iTunes to iPhone

Choose Transfer iTunes Media to Device.

Step 3. Before you start the transfer process, you will need to check your iTunes playlists and select the ones that you want to add to iPhone. Click Start now.

By the way, iPhone Transfer can automatically add songs’ iD3 tags information such as album covers, rating and more. As you like you can edit the information manually. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of missing music information.

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Part 2. Add Playlist from iTunes to iPhone via iTunes

Before you transfer iTunes playlist to iPhone, here are some points you need to pay attention to.

What you need you know before you start to transfer playlist:

1. Turn off you iCloud Music Library. You can only organize videos if iCloud Music Library is turned on. You have to turn it of in order to manage other files types in iTunes.

2. Sorry to tell you that you can transfer audios and videos from only ONE SINGLE iTunes library to iPhone. For iPad and iPod, copy music from multiple iTunes Library is available.

3. If you sync normally, all the content on iPhone will be removed and covered with data sent from iTunes library.

4. You have to turn on then manual manage mode on iTunes and always keep it on. Given that you once close the manual manage mode, data from iTunes library will replace all the existing content on iPhone.

5. If you have synced your iPhone to another computer before (not this one), iTunes will need to delete all contents on your device and restore the data in iTunes to your iPhone. You will receive a warning messages from iTunes as below.

In this case, if you dont want to erase all your existing music, videos, iBooks, etc., you can refer to the method in Part one, using iPhone Transfer to move iTunes library to new computer without losing any data.

Now that you understand the notice above, let’s start learning how to sync playlist to iPhone with iTunes.

Step 1. Open the manual manage mode on iTunes 12
Run iTunes and choose: setting > summary > options> manually manage music and videos

If you close the manually manage mode, you will receive a message “Are you sure you do not want to manually manage music and videos on your iPhone? All existing content on the iPhone will be replaced with content from your iTunes library. ”

Step 2. How to Sync iTunes Playlist to iPhone for iTunes 12

After you connect iPhone to iTunes, you have two options to sync iTune playlist to iPhone:

The first method:
1.Find the iPhone icon on the top left bar.
2.Choose Music on the left.
3.Choose Sync Music and Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres (or Entire music library).
4.Click Sync at the bottom to initiate the process.

The second method:
1.Select Music and Sync Music in the same way in the first Method.
2.Click on the icon of Music on the upper left.
3.Find the wanted playlists and drag to your iPhone under the Devices section.

4.If a playlist has already saved on your iPhone, iTunes will replace it with the one you are moving.


Move playlist from iTunes to iPhone via iPhone Transfer Tool is surely much convenient and easy than using iTunes. This tooll can prevent you from data loss risk as well as time wasting. Besides, you can rebuild iTunes library in one click to transfer music from iOS/Android to iTunes without duplicates. Or you can use iTunes and iPhone Transfer separately. Because this iTunes alternative can do what iTunes can’t, owing more amazing features to help you manage photos, videos, audio and more. Welcome to download and try now.

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