Ultra-practical!Share 6 photo tips for you, how to take a beautiful picture by iPhone?

Ultra-practical!Share 6 photo tips for you, how to take a beautiful picture by iPhone?

Share some tips for you to take a good picture with iPhone.

How to take a nice picture? Not only the camera can take a good picture, your mobile phone can also. If you have enough photo skill, also can attract people.

Life is rich and colorful, we will encounter a lot of different things every day, also can touch different color, so it’s an indispensable part for us to capture some beautiful moment. Your phone camera also can take an amazing photo.

These photos were taken out from the apple iPhone camera, from the 9th Annual IPPAWARDS. Take a look for yourselves below.

Have the picture shock to you? Actually, all people can be their own photographer because each people have eyes to discover beauty. When you away from your home, or on the road, or when you are working, traveling, there are pretty much anything and stunning sight you set out to do, you can pick your phone to do it.

By the way, it is also a good habit for you to put your photos in a safe place. Usually, we put our photos to the computer, or someone likes to backup the photos to iCloud or iTunes, and if you want, you can also use iPhone Transfer to do it.

There is a photographic axiom that says, “What is the best camera? The camera you have with you!” and that is undeniably true. So if you want to learn how to take a wonderful picture on your iPhone,please refer below tips from American photographer David Brommer, and if you need more details you can click here.

Share for you!

One-Wipe you lens off each time you go to make a photograph.
Two-Be touchy.
Three-Capture with the standard camera setting.
Four-Turn the flash off.
Five-Use minimal if any zoom.
Six-Use the best app ever invented.

Well, please take out these photos tips to keep shooting!Pick up your phone and give it a try!