Nokia 6 Coming back, Will you pay for your feelings?

Nokia 6 Coming back, Will you pay for your feelings?

HMD Global Oy officially entered the Android smart phone market in the name of Nokia, you will learn some detailed information about the new Nokia 6 smart phone in this article.

As a classic, Nokia comes back to our vision with a new look. In recent years, Nokia mobile device market can be said to be taking the rugged. After unveiled a series of WP system phone, it has also entered the field of Android tablet. Even though it has serval interested feature phone with the different design, it still cannot survive in this highly competitive mobile phone industry.

Nokia CEO "Rajeev Suri" in a keynote speech at the company show, through the slide shows more than one Nokia brand smart phones are brewing, but also confirmed that Nokia will participate as usual this year's MWC 2017 World Mobile Communications Conference.

Speaking of Nokia, what is the first emerging in your mind? The Symbian operating system? Or the built-in mini keyboard? Nokia Tune classic ringtones, or start-up animation hand in hand? I think that might be the youthful memories for many people.

Now, it officially entered the name of Nokia Android smart phone market by HMD Global Oy took over the Nokia brand, and introduced the new Nokia 6 smart phone.

Then the problem came, will you pay for your feelings for this upcoming Nokia 6?

Nokia 6

Nokia 6, is the first new machine which builds for the Chinese market. HMD Global hope that it can with Nokia mobile phones in the design, material quality and process innovation of the new standards, the future full coverage of different price range. Although Nokia has done before the Android core X, but after all, or avoid a high degree of customization of Android Nokia X Software system, it is directly linked to the Android 7.0 system number this time in the HMD surgeon.


Qualcomm S430, 5.5 inch 1080p resolution screen, 4GB RAM / 64GB storage space, 16MP main camera / 8MP video camera, 3,000mAh, Android 7 system etc.

Although it can not be called a high-end specification, HMD emphasizes that Nokia adapt 6000 series of aluminum alloy material, with the anode polish and other engineering methods. This Android debut must take more than 10 hours to complete.

In addition to the 2.5D gorilla glass screen, Nokia 6 also provides a similar feature like HTC 10 and iPhone 7, the speaker will be the handset and the bottom of the sound of dual speakers, and its advertised is Dolby Atmos stereo. Besides, it also combined with the fingerprint recognition.

Totally speaking, for too many competitors in the current market, Nokia must have great innovation if it wants to come back successfully.