USB-C Type-When Can We See It On iPhone?

USB-C Type-When Can We See It On iPhone?

After iPhone7 abandoning the headphone jack to use the lightning jack, there are another question, why Apple don’t use the USB Type-C jack on iPhone7. And we will show you some knowledges about

USB-C Type has been in our line of sight in 2013, it changed the way that we plugged the USB. Previous to this, USB interfaces does not support the positive and negative plug, so we often need to explore 2 to 3 times to connect successfully when plugging the USB cable, especially in the dark. Until the arrival of the USB Type-C, this worldwide problem was finally solved.

Nokia is the first one who brings the USB-C type interface to its own brand of products- NokiaN1. There are three bright spots for this tablet. The first point is that it is the first Tablet PC's Android system of Nokia brand; The second point is that it has a similar appearance of the Apple iPad; And the third point is that it uses the Type-C interface, although it uses a Mirco-USB 2.0 data interface of Type-C, it still the first one to support this new interface device. Because of this, people began to pay attention to the USB-C Type gradually.

In fact, before the use of USB-C Type interface, Apple had already used the Thunderbolt, a technology which cooperated with Intel. Apple favored the lightning interface because it is more bandwidth, and have a faster transmission speed. After the transformation of the new version of Thunderbolt interface, you can achieve 20Gbps theoretical transfer speed of two-way, which is much higher than the USB 3.1.

However, Macbook began to adopt this technology because of its thinner body, so it is more suitable for using the Type-C interface. The size of USB Type-C is very thin (2.5mm), which has more advantages than the lightning interface. Furthermore, the Type-C interface provides higher power output, even up to 100W, allowing the user to directly charge another notebook or smartphone via the Type-C interface without any adapter.

This is the reason why Apple Macbook uses the Type-C interface. In addition to the headphone jack, the 12-inch MacBook only has a USB Type-C interface. So, people were puzzled why iPhone don’t use the Type-C interface?

Why iPhone7 still insist in its Lightning interface - lightning headphone jack? Actually, there are many factors. After the Lightning debut, this smaller interface is quickly in favor of many people, because the positive and negative interpolation are reversible, which decrease so much trouble. So, Apple hopes to gain more control in this area and make profits through the authorized equipment. Most importantly, the USB Type-C interface also has all kinds of compatibility issues over the past few months.

In short, there is no doubt that the USB Type-C interface will certainly bring great benefits to us. For many users, you always need to carry three type of cables at least, including the lightning cables for iOS devices, the USB Type-C cables for MacBooks, and the USB cables for mobile power. It is very troublesome for us to carry a lot of cable one time, so this time, if the devices are equipped with the USB Type-C, it would be a very convenient solution for us. Therefore, we can transfer files to iPhone from computer or transfer files to the PC from iPhone without more cumbersome steps.

Perhaps, we will use the USB-C interface on the next iPhone in the future.