Using iOS 10 calendar skillfully, to set your own curriculum.

Using iOS 10 calendar skillfully, to set your own curriculum.

The article mainly tells you how to set up your own curriculum in the calendar app of iOS10

iOS "Calendar" is a good "notepad." Here we can make the plan well for the future to add arrangements about the work, family or learning, or record some memorable things. Besides, we can also set a reminder for some time in the future.

For students, we may often use some of the course apps, such as the “iStudiz Pro”, the common characteristics of these Apps are the very good management of curriculum and job lists, also remind you to do homework or exams. However, if you want a more convenient option, you can directly use iOS app - calendar app, to complete this simple needs.

I believe that some simple operation you can understand, then let me tell you about how to create a curriculum on a calendar app in the iOS10, so you can browse better.

Part 1. Create a curriculum

Step 1. Create a new calendar.
In the native "Calendar" App, you can create a new calendar and name it. The subsequent step is the same as the first, separate the establishment of all your courses in accordance with the appropriate time and place.

Step 2. Set the times for beginning and ending.
Set up your course time. For example, if your course is a weekly cycle, the cycle here to select the weekly.

Step 3. Set up pre-class reminders.
In order to prevent you from oversleeping or forgetting the courses, you can set up 15 minutes before class or earlier to remind you.

Part 2. View the curriculum.

After adding all the courses, how can we make it better in the iOS 10 calendar and display it? Here's a little trick: Switch your calendar's timeline presentation to a common "list view" to make your timeline view more intuitive.
Step 1. Open the Calendar App.

Step 2. Switch Calendar to Month View.

Step 3. Click on any day to enter Day View.

Step 4. Click the first "List icon" from the top right to activate it in red.
In this way, your calendar events will be more clearly displayed on the screen.

Step 5. "Settings" → "Notification Center" → open the "Calendar Day View", and then slide the notification center to see whether your calendar is already a big change or not?

In addition, the calendar also can backup to the iCloud if you set up it, so once you delete it accidentally, you can find it in the iCloud or recover it to your phone through iphone recovery software.

Part 3. Share the curriculum.

Since the iOS Calendar supports both iCloud and Google Calendar, the curriculum is fully shared with any iOS and Android device. So you may also share a calendar with others.
Step 1. Invite contacts to share.

Step 2. Share via shared link.

Take advantage of iOS's calendar and notification center features, and you can be surprised at how convenient it is for us. Learning the above methods, and try to establish a curriculum of your own!